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Farming industry “needs a break” regarding green diesel

green diesel

At a recent meeting at Ballymote Mart, Sligo-Leitrim Sinn Féin representative Martin Kenny put out the call for government to commit to lower green diesel (agricultural diesel) prices below €1.20/L.

Kenny highlighted the fact that while cattle and sheep prices are up, they have not doubled, as has the cost of everything, which “seems to have doubled and even more doubled”. He added that the price of fertiliser alone has doubled and, in some cases, tripled.

These matters were under discussion after an IFA-organised meeting where farmers once again expressed concerns over rising input costs. Diesel costs and specifically agricultural diesel approximating at €1.50/L was a primary topic. “Therefore, 1,000L of diesel costs them €1,500. This time last year, it cost €0.78/L. It cost €780 per 1,000/L. It has, therefore, doubled in price.”

In Kenny’s view, the industry “needs a break”, particularly regarding costs around agricultural diesel.

The deputy went on to say that: “If farmers cannot buy green diesel, they need to be able to cut their silage, raise their animals and do all the things they need to do; there will be a fodder crisis next winter. There will be knock-on effects from that. One of those effects will be harvest problems. The question will then arise about where we will get our food.”

“I am asking the Minister of State to bring that message back to the Minister for Finance. That is the message we need to get through.”

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