Green diesel

green diesel
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Farming industry “needs a break” regarding green diesel
At a recent meeting at Ballymote Mart, Sligo-Leitrim Sinn Féin representative Martin Kenny put out the call for government to commit to lower green diesel (agricultural diesel) prices below €1.20/L. Kenny highlighted the fact that while cattle and sheep prices are up, they have not doubled, as has the cost of everything, which “seems to have doubled and even more doubled”. He added that the price of fertiliser alone has doubled and,…
FCI calls for green diesel reserves amid harvesting crisis 
“There will not be enough fuel to harvest the national silage crop”, this was the warning given by the Association of Farm and Forestry Contractors in Ireland (FCI). The FCI has been monitoring green diesel (Marked Gas Oil) costs each week for more than two years on an actual quotation basis. According to its findings MGO prices have doubled since January 2022.  The body says due to this there will…