LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 16/09/2022
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 31/03/2022
Thursday’s selected Sheep Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. LB 20-30KG Avg Price/Kg3.22/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:, 24kg 3.33/kg 80.00, 28kg 3.11/kg 87.00 LB 30-40KG Avg Price/Kg3.04/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:, 37kg 3.35/kg 123.00, 37kg 3.30/kg 122.00, 35kg 3.21/kg 113.00, 35kg 3.09/kg 108.00, 37kg 3.05/kg 113.00, 31kg 3.05/kg 94.00 LB 40-50KG Avg Price/Kg3.10/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:, 44kg 3.35/kg 147.00, 48kg 3.34/kg 161.00, 44kg 3.33/kg 147.00, 49kg 3.31/kg 162.00, 48kg 3.31/kg 157.00, 49kg 3.28/kg 162.00 LB…
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 31/01/2023
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 31/03/2022
Thursday’s selected Cattle Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. WBU 300-400KG Avg Price/Kg2.37/kgAAX 1.98/kgAAX,AAX 2.10/kgAUX 2.19/kgAUX,BAX 2.14/kgBAX 2.21/kgBAX,BAX 2.30/kgBAX,CHX 2.27/kgBBX 2.65/kgCHX 2.75/kgFR 1.67/kgFR,FR 1.72/kgFR,FR,FR 1.72/kgFR,FR,FR,FR 1.72/kgFR,FR,FR,FR,FR 1.66/kgFRX 1.68/kgFRX,FRX 1.69/kgHEX 1.88/kgLM 3.04/kgLMX 2.41/kgMOX 1.69/kgMOX,MOX 1.69/kgSHX 2.40/kgSIX 2.27/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LM, 350kg 3.31/kg 1160.00LM, 345kg 3.30/kg 1140.00CHX, 345kg 3.16/kg 1090.00LM, 330kg 3.15/kg 1040.00CHX, 330kg 3.15/kg 1040.00CHX, 355kg 3.13/kg 1110.00 WBU 400-500KG Avg Price/Kg2.38/kgAAX 2.25/kgCHX 2.59/kgFRX 1.75/kgHEX 1.73/kgLMX 2.45/kgSHX 2.34/kgSIX 2.40/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LMX, 495kg…
house prices limits ireland
No change to house price limits for local authority mortgages
Different house pricing surveys released this week indicate that house prices in Ireland are still escalating. showed that 8.4% was the average increase in the first three months of 2022. Central Statistics Office figures also indicate that property prices shot up again in January 2022, as the pressure on potential buyers shows no signs of abating. They were up by 14.8% in the year nationally. Despite the upsurge in…
Fixed Milk Price Support scheme welcomed by ICMSA 
The Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association (ICMSA) has welcomed Glanbia’s announcement of a Fixed Milk Price Support (FMPS) scheme. This aims to assist suppliers who entered large supplies of milk into fixed price schemes at a rate of payment considerably lower than recent monthly base prices.   ICMSA president, Pat McCormack says “there is growing and unprecedented pressure on dairy farmers who locked into these contracts in the last number…
Illegal dumping and littering Ireland
CCTV to be used to film illegal dumping and littering
Illegal dumping and littering have escalated over time, and authorities will now be allowed to use enhanced CCTV to detect and prevent unsightly litter under a new bill approved by Cabinet on Wednesday. Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications Eamon Ryan TD described the publication of the bill as a “landmark moment”. Government also plans to enable the processing of personal data to be carried out by local authorities…
Electric Ireland increased electricity and gas prices
Electric Ireland confirms elevated electricity and gas prices
As expected, Electric Ireland residential electricity prices are on the up, and from May 1 2022 consumers will face an increase of 23.4%, with gas prices up 24.8%.   This translates to €24.80/month on an average residential electricity bill and €18.35/month on an average residential gas bill – based on the estimated annual bill as defined by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU). The company’s executive director, Marguerite Sayers, says that…
Sheep farmers
Call for support for sheep farmers from crisis fund
Concerns have been raised regarding the input costs incurred by sheep farmers. According to Irish Farmers’ Association sheep chair, Kevin Comiskey hogget and cull ewe prices have risen again this week due to strong market demand as the “start of Ramadaan and Easter is approaching”. Sheep supplies have been described as tight and Comiskey says that factories have had to move prices on.   “The increased prices are not off-setting…
EIT Climate-KIC to partner with Irish agri-food sector
EIT Climate-KIC to partner with stakeholders in the Irish agri-food sector
Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue and Minister of State at the DAFM, Martin Heydon, have initiated a €2 million strategic partnership to support national climate action in agriculture – the venture has been funded by the European Institute of Technology (EIT), the European Commission and EIT Climate-KIC. EIT Climate-KIC will partner with public and private stakeholders in the Irish agri-food sector, led by the DAFM. Together…
Minister to assess pig farming requests from IFA  
The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) has confirmed that they have met with Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Charlie McConalogue, following protests by pig farming members in Dublin City earlier this week. The IFA has submitted a request for a €100 million package in conjunction with Meat Industry Ireland (MII) and the Irish Grain and Feed Association (IGFA). The plan proposes a “50-50 private-public partnership” to be funded through…
Avian influenza found in wild birds 
There have been reports of numbers of wild birds contracting avian influenza. The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) has confirmed that since 3 November 2021, 80 wild birds in Ireland have tested positive for the pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N1. The DAFM noted that the environment may also be contaminated by wild bird droppings.  According to a department spokesperson, this indicates that infection pressure from bird flu…
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 20/02/2023
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 30/03/2022
Wednesday’s selected Cattle Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. DRYCOW-F 500-600KG Avg Price/KgAAX 1.87/kgLMX 2.26/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LMX, 520kg 2.40/kg 1250.00LMX, 595kg 2.29/kg 1360.00LMX, 570kg 2.19/kg 1250.00LMX, 550kg 2.15/kg 1180.00CHX, 555kg 2.07/kg 1150.00AAX, 545kg 1.94/kg 1060.00 DRYCOW-F 600-700KG Avg Price/KgCHX 2.42/kgFRX 1.74/kgLMX 2.28/kgSI 2.27/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:CHX, 600kg 2.92/kg 1750.00LMX, 615kg 2.49/kg 1530.00SI, 695kg 2.45/kg 1700.00CHX, 655kg 2.41/kg 1580.00HEX, 600kg 2.38/kg 1430.00CHX, 685kg 2.32/kg 1590.00 DRYCOW-F 700-800KG Avg Price/KgLMX 2.23/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:BAX,…
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 25/05/2022
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 30/03/2022
Wednesday’s selected Sheep Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. LB 40-50KG Avg Price/KgLB 3.28/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LB, 43kg 3.67/kg 158.00LB, 42kg 3.57/kg 150.00LB, 47kg 3.45/kg 162.00LB, 48kg 3.42/kg 164.00LB, 44kg 3.41/kg 150.00LB, 47kg 3.36/kg 158.00 LB 50-60KG Avg Price/KgLB 3.13/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LB, 50kg 3.32/kg 166.00LB, 53kg 3.30/kg 175.00LB, 50kg 3.28/kg 164.00LB, 54kg 3.24/kg 175.00LB, 50kg 3.2/kg 160.00LB, 50kg 3.16/kg 158.00 FE 60-70KG Avg Price/KgFE 1.94/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:FE, 69kg 2.30/kg 159.00FE, 65kg…
bull fertility ireland
10 Tips to ensure bull fertility in breeding season
As calving season on many farms is nearing an end, breeding season is almost here. According to Teagasc, calving season 2023 will depend on when you start breeding season in the coming weeks, and with four out of every five calves born on beef farms sired by a stock bull, a stock bull’s fertility is very important. Beef Specialist Catherine Egan explains that the stock bull on your farm is…
MInk fur farming ban
Irish fur farming ban soon to be signed into law
A bill banning fur farming in Ireland is due to be signed into law by president Michael D. Higgins in the coming weeks. The Green Party has said it passed its final stage in the Seanad on 29 March, 2022. Pippa Hackett, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, was said she was delighted to see the passing of the bill. “Banning fur farming is…
river basin management plan
Comment on the river basin management plan
The deadline for submissions regarding views on the draft river basin management plan is this Thursday, 31 March, 2022. The scheme, which will run from 2022 to 2027, is intended to help improve the country’s water environment. Sustainable management of Ireland’s natural waters and the protection of freshwater resources to maintain the country’s water environment are key elements. The draft river basin management plan suggests that a 50% cut in…
Forestry Knowledge Transfer Group Scheme 2022 initiated
The Forestry Knowledge Transfer Group Scheme (KTG) for 2022 has opened, allowing participants the opportunity to learn from the experts and from each other’s experiences within a group setting. Minister of State for Biodiversity and Land Use, senator, Pippa Hackett says that she is delighted to reopen the Forestry KTG scheme for a fourth year. The aim of the scheme is to increase the level of forest management activity among…
Yokohama buys Trelleborg wheel systems unit
Trelleborg has agreed to sell its wheel systems unit to Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd for €2.1 billion. Known for its specialist agricultural tyres, Trelleborg has now removed itself from the tyre market altogether. The deal comes three months after speculation surfaced that the Japanese manufacturer was interested in acquiring the unit. The transaction, which in effect will double the size of Yokohama Rubber’s off-highway tire business, is set for completion…
Fewer contractors tendering for public housing contracts
Chairman of the County and City Management Association’s committee on housing and land-use, Frank Curran, yesterday said that ceilings imposed by the Department of Housing in 2021 on how much councils could spend on housing construction need to be reviewed. This comes as an Oireachtas committee were told that new social housing projects risk being jeopardised unless authorities are allowed to pay developers more. Addressing the Oireachtas housing committee Mr Curran said…
Veterinary Practice Survey reveals skills shortage
The annual Veterinary Practice Survey has revealed that there is a recruitment crisis facing the sector, due to a growth in demand for services from vets. The survey conducted by advisory firm HLB Sheehan Quinn, shows that this is mainly due to an increase in pet ownership during the Covid-19 pandemic. The findings additionally indicate that the sector is facing “an acute talent shortage”.   Statistics released, indicate that 27%…
Farm Shed
50% increase in the cost of building a farm shed due to inflation 
Inflation in the price of steel and timber has led to the cost of building an average farm shed rising by 50% since 2020. The price of steel has risen by 70% compared to two years ago, while timber has doubled with a full 100% increase reported. This has resulted to farm leaders exerting pressure on Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue to implement revised costings under the Targeted Agriculture Modernisation Schemes (TAMS). Farmers are…
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart – 20/02/2023
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 29/03/2022
Tuesday’s selected Sheep Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. LAMB 20-30KG Avg Price/KgLAMB 2.84/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LAMB, 29kg 4.03/kg 117.00LAMB, 28kg 3/kg 84.00LAMB, 28kg 2.76/kg 76.00LAMB, 27kg 2.56/kg 69.00LAMB, 29kg 2.38/kg 69.00LAMB, 26kg 2.31/kg 59.00 LAMB 30-40KG Avg Price/KgLAMB 2.52/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LAMB, 35kg 3.54/kg 124.00LAMB, 37kg 3.22/kg 119.00LAMB, 34kg 3.16/kg 109.00LAMB, 34kg 3.10/kg 104.00LAMB, 40kg 2.96/kg 117.00LAMB, 39kg 2.64/kg 103.00 LAMB 40-50KG Avg Price/KgLAMB 3.00/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LAMB, 44kg 3.21/kg 143.00LAMB, 46kg…
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 06/12/2022
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 29/03/2022
Tuesday’s selected Cattle Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. DC 500-600KG Avg Price/KgAAX 1.63/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:AAX, 535kg 1.66/kg 890.00AAX, 585kg 1.59/kg 930.00 CATTLE 300-400KG Highest Price/Kg Lots:LMX, 390kg 2.79/kg 1090.00BBX, 350kg 2.46/kg 860.00 CW 400-500KG Avg Price/KgAA 2.91/kgHEX 3.94/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:HEX,CHX, 450kg 4.29/kg 1930.00AA, 435kg 3.68/kg 1600.00HEX, 445kg 3.60/kg 1600.00AA, 425kg 2.14/kg 910.00BBX, 470kg 2.09/kg 980.00LMX, 450kg 1.47/kg 660.00 CW 600-700KG Avg Price/KgHighest Price/Kg Lots:CHX, 615kg 2.08/kg 1280.00AAX,FR, 625kg 2.08/kg…
Lime on farms
Lime application can be a cost-effective add-on to fertiliser in spring
At a time when many farmers are looking for ways to reduce costs, Marion Fox, Teagasc advisor, Athenry, offers advice on lime application in order to reduce fertiliser overheads. Lime, she says, has a very important role in reducing the amount of fertiliser that farms require, therefore the first step in soil fertility is lime. Fox points out that lime is very cheap when one considers the price of fertiliser. It…
fire in the countryside
Everyone urged to be conscious of wildfires in NI countryside
The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA), Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS) and Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) are requesting that everyone remain alert to wildfires this spring. Mark Smyth, group commander at NIFRS emphasized that, “Dealing with wildfires unnecessarily draws our resources away from where they are needed most – protecting our community. They also cause significant damage to wildlife and the environment. With…
Support package for NI agricultural shows
Minister for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, Edwin Poots has announced a £200,000 support package for agricultural shows in Northern Ireland (NI). This comes as the events are expected to commence within the coming months. With the announcement of the scheme, each show will be able to claim up to a maximum of £10,000 for new, or increased costs.   According to Minister Poots many businesses and sectors were adversely affected…
Sheep trade sees another increase in prices
There has been an increase in sheep trade this week, with base prices for hoggets increasing by 10c/kg leaving quotes ranging from €6.85/kg up to €7.05/kg. Irish Country Meats is on base of €6.85/kg plus a 10c/kg quality assurance (QA) bonus for hoggets, while Kildare Chilling has moved up to a base of €7.00/kg plus a 10c/kg QA bonus for hoggets. Producer groups are securing prices of up to €7.40/kg…
Significant increase in house prices, REA Average Price Survey finds  
The average house price has increased by 3.16% nationally during the first three months of the year. This is according to the REA Average House Price Survey, which also revealed that 60% of all purchasers were first-time buyers. The survey concentrates on the actual sale price of Ireland’s typical stock home which is a three-bedroom semi.   According to the report it shows that the price of a three-bedroom semi-detached house…