LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 06/12/2022
Agriculture/Livestock News
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 31/05/2022
Tuesday’s selected Cattle Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. M BULLOCK 300-400KG Avg Price/KgAAX 2.61/kgFR 1.89/kgFR,FRX 1.99/kgFRX 1.96/kgFRX,FR 1.99/kgHEX 2.68/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:CHX, 327kg 3.30/kg 1080.00HEX, 320kg 2.88/kg 920.00AAX, 330kg 2.73/kg 900.00AAX, 308kg 2.73/kg 840.00HEX, 360kg 2.58/kg 930.00HEX, 380kg 2.58/kg 980.00 M BULLOCK 400-500KG Avg Price/KgAAX 2.59/kgFR 2.02/kgFRX 2.08/kgJEX 1.82/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:AAX, 470kg 2.81/kg 1320.00LMX, 430kg 2.51/kg 1080.00CHX, 415kg 2.48/kg 1030.00AAX, 485kg 2.37/kg 1150.00SIX, 497kg 2.31/kg 1150.00FRX, 497kg 2.27/kg 1130.00 M…
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 16/09/2022
Agriculture/Livestock News
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 31/05/2022
Tuesday’s selected Sheep Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. LB 30-40KG Avg Price/Kg3.49/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:, 39kg 4.01/kg 157.00, 40kg 3.96/kg 157.00, 39kg 3.96/kg 153.00, 40kg 3.90/kg 155.00, 39kg 3.89/kg 150.00, 39kg 3.81/kg 147.00 LB 40-50KG Avg Price/Kg3.67/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:, 42kg 3.98/kg 167.00, 43kg 3.95/kg 170.00, 41kg 3.95/kg 161.00, 47kg 3.94/kg 187.00, 43kg 3.92/kg 169.00, 40kg 3.92/kg 158.00 LB 50-60KG Avg Price/Kg3.13/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:, 51kg 3.40/kg 172.00, 51kg 3.40/kg 174.00, 51kg…
IMMA Outdoors 2022
Arts/Antiques News
IMMA Outdoors 2022 turns the museum inside out
The Irish Museum of Modern Art is hosting IMMA Outdoors 2022, a vibrant artistic programme that turns the museum inside out and activates the site through artist commissions, performances, music, talks, workshops, and tours. IMMA Outdoors 2022 explores the environment “and what it means to be radically public” by creating an inclusive space for audiences of all ages to enjoy. Highlights include a new immersive sonic installation by Em’kal Eyongakpa in…
Anti-meat campaign
Agriculture/Livestock News
Anti-meat campaign may affect livestock farmer’s subsidies
An anti-meat campaign, themed ‘a world without slaughterhouses’, is pushing for a reduction in subsidies for livestock farmers. The initiative has been green lighted by the the European Commission, who has agreed to register the campaign, which is designed to pull funding from livestock farmers. The venture needs one million signatures gathered across at least seven member states to be successful. If the target is met, the Commission will be…
Love This Place campaign Leave No Trace
Agriculture/Livestock News
Love this Place promotes good outdoor behaviour for the summer
The Love this Place campaign, run by Leave No Trace Ireland and other sporting, tourism and outdoor organisations, was launched on 30 May, 2022. The initiative promotes good outdoor ethics this summer, with special emphasis on managing dogs and preventing livestock worrying. CEO of Leave No Trace Ireland, Maura Kiely, commented that, “this summer, we are highlighting pressure points that are bearing the brunt of the increase in outdoor activities.…
Irish whiskey industry
Agriculture/Livestock News
Irish Whiskey Association pledges support for Irish grain
The Irish Whiskey Association (IWA) has said it will support Irish farmers by buying more Irish produce and supplying more co-product for feed. It added that Irish whiskey producers will also need traceability and sustainability credentials for any imported malt, maize or grain. This was all outlined in the IWA’s sustainability roadmap 2022, which was published this week. The roadmap lays out various “actions” for whiskey producers across sustainability areas,…
art fair
Arts/Antiques News
Harrogate antiques and fine art fair opens summer calendar
The Pavilions of Harrogate Decorative Antiques & Fine Art Fair opens Cooper Events’ summer calendar at the Great Yorkshire Showground from 10 to 12 June, 2022. It is the second of three editions this year. The prestigious Harrogate venue, which has been described as the antiques capital of the north, will host the fair in two large suites, fully carpeted and with in-house catering from Fodders. The well-known Yorkshire caterers have a good…
slaughterings data
Agriculture/Livestock News
Cattle, pig and sheep slaughterings – latest data
The Central Statistics Office’s (CSO) latest slaughtering data shows that cattle slaughterings in the Republic rose by 11.4% between January to April 2022 and the same period in 2021. But an analysis of the data for April 2022 compared to April 2021 shows that cattle slaughterings increased by 17.5%. The update showed the number of pigs slaughtered grew by 1.5% between January to April 2022 and the same period in…
cost of living
Cost of living reduction plans pre-budget
Childcare, education, healthcare and public transport are the main focus for Government departments looking for ways to reduce the cost of living for households ahead of the October 2022 budget. What’s more, there is pressure to increase Cost Rental and Affordable Housing schemes. Cost rental is a relatively new form of tenure in Ireland where residents pay rents that are solely based on the cost to build, manage, and maintain…
silage season
Agriculture/Livestock News
Silage season – The Irish Farmer’s first cut
It’s silage season and Tom Slattery, aka The Irish Farmer, is busy with one of the largest silage crops they’ve ever experienced. “In this video, we bale the first part of the first cut. Enjoy all,” he says. Slattery is a dairy and beef farmer in Dingle, in the heart of west Kerry, southwest Ireland. He is also an artificial insemination technician so he works with animals “all the time”.…
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 16/02/2023
Agriculture/Livestock News
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 30/05/2022
Monday’s selected Cattle Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. CO 300-400KG Highest Price/Kg Lots:HEX, 385kg 1.48/kg 570.00FR, 375kg 0.96/kg 360.00 CO 400-500KG Avg Price/KgFR 1.77/kgFRX 1.48/kgHEX 1.90/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:FR, 465kg 2.45/kg 1140.00FR, 415kg 2.36/kg 980.00BBX, 495kg 2.22/kg 1100.00FR, 470kg 2.06/kg 970.00FR, 430kg 2.05/kg 880.00HEX, 445kg 2.04/kg 910.00 CO 500-600KG Avg Price/KgAAX 2.48/kgCHX 2.07/kgFR 1.79/kgFRX 2.02/kgSHX 2.18/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LMX, 595kg 2.71/kg 1610.00FRX, 540kg 2.70/kg 1460.00AAX, 560kg 2.52/kg 1410.00AAX, 540kg 2.44/kg 1320.00SHX,…
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 30/11/2022
Agriculture/Livestock News
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 30/05/2022
Monday’s selected Sheep Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. SH 30-40KG Avg Price/KgSH 3.47/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SH, 38kg 3.76/kg 143.00SH, 38kg 3.74/kg 142.00SH, 37kg 3.73/kg 138.00SH, 36kg 3.42/kg 123.00SH, 36kg 2.72/kg 98.00 SH 40-50KG Avg Price/KgSH 3.57/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SH, 40kg 4.02/kg 161.00SH, 41kg 3.88/kg 159.00SH, 44kg 3.86/kg 170.00SH, 42kg 3.83/kg 161.00SH, 45kg 3.82/kg 172.00SH, 45kg 3.82/kg 172.00 SH 50-60KG Avg Price/KgSH 3.16/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SH, 52kg 3.52/kg 183.00SH, 50kg 3.48/kg 174.00SH, 50kg…
Grocery Inflation
Agriculture/Livestock News
Shoppers are changing their buying habits to counter grocery inflation
The latest figures from Kantar indicate that shoppers are adjusting their buying behaviour to juggle grocery inflation. One ploy is turning to cheaper alternatives, and also making four fewer trips to the supermarket on average per month, than they were the same time last year. The statistics show that grocery inflation has hit 5.5%, marking the first time it has risen above 5% since August 2013. Branded items previously made…
IMMA art online talks and podcasts
Arts/Antiques News
Arty IMMA online talks and podcasts  
IMMA is known for conserving and sharing its Irish National Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art. It aims to  connect audiences and art, providing a space where contemporary life and contemporary art connect. A range of podcasts and playlist feature material from IMMA’s live talks series and audio archive. This comprises the voices of many artists, curators and educators who discuss the ever-evolving contexts in which art is made. IMMA…
Agri-Food Supply Chain
Agriculture/Livestock News
Food supply chain could benefit from greater transparency
The Department of Agriculture has said that a group is being formed to advance the beef and sheep sectors identified in the Food Vision 2030 strategy, taking into consideration the requirement for the sectors to contribute to achieving the targets set for the agriculture and land-use sector in the Climate Action Plan 2021. This is as an opposition TD said the Office for Fairness and Transparency in the Agri-Food Supply…
farmland biodiversity
Agriculture/Livestock News
Virtual Festival of Farmland Biodiversity
The National Biodiversity Data Centre is hosting a month-long (virtual) Festival of Farmland Biodiversity for May 2022. The Festival of Farmland Biodiversity focuses on challenges to addressing the biodiversity crisis across much of the farmed landscape in Ireland. The purpose of the festival is to encourage a more positive engagement around the topic of biodiversity and farmland and to highlight some of the ways that farmers are working to support…
Dairy herd
Agriculture/Livestock News
Largest dairy herd ever, CSO census states
In its 10-yearly census of agriculture up to 2020, the Central Statistics Office shows that around 278 000 people worked on 130 200 Irish farms of more than five hectares in size. That number of farms is down 9 660 since 2010, and 11 327 since 2000. Even though the total number of farms fell between 2010 and 2020, there was a 46.4% increase in the dairy cow herd –…
handling facilities
Agriculture/Livestock News
Handling facilities can be a safety issue
Following a recent inquest into the death of a farmer crushed when his cow broke through a holding pen, Teagasc Health and Safety Specialist Dr John McNamara says it is “crucial” that farmers check handling facilities for wear and tear and update them if needed. Early detection of signs of wear and tear could save lives. For example, “corrosion can be prevalent where pillars and steel go into”. Corrosion in…
Bloom show
Agriculture/Livestock News
Bord Bia Bloom expected to be blooming marvellous
Bord Bia Bloom is back! The Bloom show – one of the largest horticulture events in Europe – takes place at Phoenix Park this bank holiday weekend from 2-6 June. Around 100 000 visitors are expected at Bord Bia Bloom, the annual garden and lifestyle show. Teagasc is among the exhibitors and invites enthusiasts to visit their ‘Healthy People, Healthy Planet’ stand. The Teagasc exhibit sets out to inspire people…
Fresh milk shortage this winter
Agriculture/Livestock News
Winter season could see a shortage of fresh milk
The Irish Farmer’s Association (IFA) liquid milk chair, Keith O’Boyle, has said that the market will be left short on fresh milk during the winter period, because, without a realistic return, many farmers will switch to a seasonal milk production system.   This is as the CSO agricultural input price index shows an almost 35% increase in the price of agricultural inputs in the last year. The chair says the…
sick or injured farmers FRS Member Benefit Scheme
Agriculture/Livestock News
Scheme useful for sick or injured farmers
Since the FRS Member Benefit Scheme (MBS) was launched in 2013, over €1.2m has been paid out to protect farm families affected by accident or sickness. The scheme is one of many innovations initiated by the National Co-operative Farm Relief Services, the farmer-owned co-op established in 1980 for provision of skilled labour. The farmer-designed scheme has apparently worked well for farms in Ireland, the overwhelming majority of which are owner-operated…
Tribal Art London 2022
Arts/Antiques News
Tribal Art London highlights ethnographic culture
Tribal Art London (TAL) returns from 15 to 18 September 2022 to Mall Galleries, London SW1. The fair opens the doors to its first live event post-Covid with its 15th edition. The UK’s premier showcase in the field of ethnographic culture and tribal art brings together more than 20 exhibitors, internationally-reputable specialists in fine and original tribal works of art drawn from all corners of the globe – Oceania, Africa, Asia,…
Forest fires
Agriculture/Livestock News
Forest fire warning this weekend
Current weather conditions have prompted a Condition Orange forest fire warning issued by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM). This will remain in place until Monday, 30 May, 2022, at midday. DAFM states that, “A high-pressure weather system which is currently located to the south of Ireland will move northwards and influence northerly airflows with low to moderate humidity and moderate wind speeds as the weekend progresses.”…
beef prices
Agriculture/Livestock News
Latest prices for beef and sheep
Cattle supplies are extremely tight as shed cattle have gone through the system and no flush of grass cattle is expected soon, says IFA livestock chairman Brendan Golden said. Last week’s throughput of 33 203 was the largest full week’s drop in numbers this year with heifers back 1 418 head, steers back 582 head and cows back 568 head. He said prices have moved another 10c/kg this week with…
Tullamore Show
Agriculture/Livestock News
New additions to Tullamore Show programme
Excitement is mounting as the first physical Tullamore Show event since the pandemic looms. It will be held at the Butterfield Estate, Blueball, on Sunday, 14 August, 2022.LSL Auctions will broadcast live to audiences across the globe at this year’s much anticipated event. Don’t miss the updates of this great showcase on the LSL Auctions Facebook page. It’s full steam ahead for executive committee members, sponsors and volunteers, with some new…
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 26/01/2023
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 27/05/2022
Friday’s selected Cattle Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. SC 500-600KG Avg Price/KgAAX 1.10/kgLMX 2.38/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:CH, 520kg 2.79/kg 1450.00LMX, 520kg 2.77/kg 1440.00LMX, 595kg 2.69/kg 1600.00HEX, 545kg 2.64/kg 1440.00LMX, 575kg 2.61/kg 1500.00SIX, 535kg 2.39/kg 1280.00 SC 600-700KG Avg Price/KgAAX 2.41/kgCHX 2.47/kgLMX 2.73/kgSIX 2.60/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:BBX, 665kg 3.19/kg 2120.00LMX, 690kg 3.17/kg 2190.00LMX, 630kg 3.06/kg 1930.00LMX, 635kg 2.93/kg 1860.00LMX, 630kg 2.92/kg 1840.00LMX, 660kg 2.88/kg 1900.00 SC 700-800KG Avg Price/KgCHX 2.80/kgLMX 3.02/kgHighest Price/Kg…