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Top Sales 2 December
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Top Cattle Sales on 2 December – LSL Auctions
Corrin Mart (Cork Marts) Lot 11, Price 3160.00, Weight 575 Price per kg 5.495652174 See the video here. Corrin Mart (Cork Marts) Lot 19, Price 2840.00, Weight 540 Price per kg 5.259259259 See the video here. Ennis Mart (Clare Marts) Lot 15B, Price 2670.00, Tag ****, (BK) – Sex: M – Breed: CHX – DOB: 19/04/2019 – Owners: 1 – Export: N – QA: N – TB: 07/04/2022 Weight 965 Price per kg 2.766839378 See the…
Annual Dairy In calf Heifer Sale at Corrin Mart
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Annual Dairy In calf Heifer Sale at Corrin Mart
Corrin Mart (Cork Marts) hosts a their Annual Dairy Sale today – there’ll be 180 on offer. Pedigree, Non-Pedigree, Milk Recorded and High EBI. On Friday, 2 December in Ring 2. Viewing is from 9:00. The sale starts at 11:00. Register to bid here.Contact Corrin Mart (Cork Marts) at: +353 25 31611. Get LSL Facebook updates. LSL Auctions, LSL News.
Irish Texel Sheep Society West Region
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Irish Texel Sheep Society West Region Show & Sale
The Annual Western Region Female sale is finally here – in Roscommon Mart on Friday, 2nd December 2022. This Irish Texel Sheep Society West Region auction starts at 19:00. The Show and Sale will feature In Lamb Shearling Ewes & Maiden Ewe Lambs. The Show will be at 18:00.For enquiries phone: 087 684 9778, or 086 196 6860. Register to bid on LSL Auctions here. LSL Auctions, LSL News.    
Redrock Tunker Dunaree flocks Cootehill Mart
Agriculture/Livestock News
Prize-winning Redrock, Tunker, Dunaree flocks at In-Lamb Ewe Sale
The Redrock, Tunker, Dunaree flock sale offers a rare opportunity to obtain some of the highest standard Charollais ewes in the country, basically exceptional quality, prize-winning sheep from three nationally recognised flocks. If you have a query, phone 049 555 5462. Cootehill Livestock Mart hosts this In-Lamb Pedigree Sale today – Friday 2nd December. Ring info: Ring 2, Weanling Bulls & Weanling Heifers, Intake 3pm – 6pm, Viewing 4:30pm – 6:30pm,…
Eamonn Gaffney Rosskeeragh, Belturbet, Co Cavan
News Property
SOLD Lots 1, 2, 3 – Eamonn Gaffney – Rosskeeragh, Belturbet, Co Cavan – 4 Lots – 01/12
SOLD – LOT 1 210,000SOLD – LOT 2 190,000SOLD – LOT 3 115,000 A c. 68 Acre Residential Farm with Cattle Accommodation and Handling Facilities goes on auction on Thursday 1st December, 2022, at 15:00. The property at Rosskeeragh, Belturbet, Co. Cavan is For Sale by Public Auction (Unless Previously Sold) in The Seven Horsehoes, Belturbet and Online with LSL Auctions. 4 Lots: Lot 1 c. 31.5 Acres with Residential PropertyLot 2 c.…
Top Sheep Sales 1 December
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Top Sheep Sales from 1st December – LSL Auctions
Carnew Mart Lot 127A, Price 202.00, Price per kg 2.970588235 Weight 68 See the video here. Dungannon Farmers Mart Lot 928, Price 198.00, See the video here. Carnew MartLot 45, Price 163.00, Weight 53.5 Price per kg 3.046728972   See the video here. Get LSL Facebook updates.LSL Auctions, LSL News.   
Top Cattle Sales 1st December Lsl Auctions
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Top Cattle Sales from 1st December – LSL Auctions
Gort MartLot 852, Price 3040.00, Tag ****, (CO) – Sex: M – Breed: LM – DOB: 23/09/2022 – Export: Y – TB: 10/11/2022 Lot 852, Price 3040.00, Tag ****, (CO) – Sex: F – Breed: LM – DOB: 01/11/2019 – Export: N – TB: 21/01/2022 Avg wgt 420 kg See the video here.Gort MartLot 857, Price 3020.00, Tag ****, (CO) – Sex: F – Breed: LMX – DOB: 21/09/2022 – Export: Y – TB: 10/11/2022 Lot 857, Price 3020.00, Tag ****, (CO)…
Carnew Mart Machiner Auctions Land Cruiser
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Land Cruiser sells for €24,750 at Carnew Mart Machinery Auction
Buyers scored big with a range of quality road and farm vehicles at Carnew Mart Machinery Auctions this past Wednesday, 30th November. One awesome buy was an as new Land Cruiser with only 57,000 miles on the clock, with new tyres, tax and tested, and had never pulled a box. Here’s some sale highlights: 08 Land Cruiser Lot 5, Price 24750.00,   See more here. 02 New Holland LW 70B…
Midland & Western Livestock Improvement Society Limited
Agriculture/Livestock News
Exceptional sales set the pace for the week
Monday 28th November set the tone for phenomenal cattle sales this week, with prices extending to as far as €12,800.Tuesday followed suit, keeping up the pace at Midland & Western Livestock with Lot 525 (1 BB WHFR) selling for €14,500! Take a look here. Standout Lots on Monday 28th November: Midland & Western Livestock Improvement Society Limited Lot 404, Price 12800.00, Tag ****, (WEANLING HEIFER) – Breed: LM See the…
Pedigree Vendeen Ewes Cootehill Mart
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Top Class Pedigree Vendeen Ewes lambing down in mid-December
Running in conjunction with Cootehill Livestock Mart’s weekly sheep sale today will be a showing of super In-Lamb Ewes which are all lambing mid-February to Texel ram. Also on offer will be Top Class Pedigree Vendeen Ewes lambing down in mid-December – 15 pedigree In-Lamb Vendeens due on 14 December. Date: Thursday December 1. Ring 1: Sheep Sale, Intake 15:00 – 16:00. Viewing 16:00 – 18:00. Start 18:30. For further…
Ballymote Mart Annual Suckler Sale
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Annual Special December Suckler Sale at Ballymote Mart
There’ll be some 2021 born AI bred Bulls at Aurivo Livestock Mart Ballymote’s auction today – to be sold after the Dry Cows. Be sure to get to the mart’s Annual December Suckler Sale – Thursday, 1st December 2022. Sales will take place in conjunction with the usual lots. For bookings, phone 081 830 1401. Online bidding available using the LSL App. Contact Ballymote Mart (Aurivo) at: +353 71 918 3364. Register…
Top Sheep Sales 30th November
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Top Sheep Sales from 30th November – LSL Auctions
Gort Mart Lot 2A, Price 154.00, Weight  65 Price Per Kg  2.369230769 Watch the video here. Roscommon Mart Lot 74, Price 156.00, Tag x1, (LB) Weight  51 Price Per Kg   Watch the video here. Tullamore Mart Lot 311, Price 178.00, Tag x3, (FE) Weight  103 Price Per Kg  1.72815534 Watch the video here. Milford Coop Mart Lot 55A, Price 232.00, Weight  62 Price Per Kg  3.741935484 Watch the video…
Top Cattle Sales 30th November
Agriculture/Livestock News
Top Cattle Sales from 30th November – LSL Auctions
Ballinasloe MartLot 223, Price 2400.00, Tag ****, (DRYCOW-F)Weight 880Price Per Kg 2.727272727Watch the video here. Castleisland Co-op MartLot 1001, Price 3000.00, Tag ****, – Sex: F – Breed: CHX – DOB: 02/03/2013 – Owners: 1 – Export: N – TB: 19/04/2022 – Calf Registered: Y – Export Retest: YLot 1001, Price 3000.00, Tag ****, – Sex: F – Breed: CHX – DOB: 04/06/2015 – Owners: 1 – Export: N – TB: 19/04/2022 – Calf Registered: Y – Export Retest: YWatch the video here. Granard…
Aged Dorset ewes with lambs at foot DUngannon Mart
Agriculture/Livestock News
Aged Dorset ewes with lambs at foot available tomorrow
For this Thursdays sheep sale in Dungannon Farmers’ Mart there’ll be a selection of aged Dorset ewes with lambs at foot. The sale starts at 11:45. Thursday, 1 December: Ring 3, Weekly Sheep Sale, Intake From 9am to 11.15am. Bid Live and Online via LSL Auctions . Register to bid here. To contact Dungannon Farmers Mart Phone: +44 288 772 2727. Get LSL Facebook updates. LSL Auctions, LSL News.     
Cootehill Livestock Mart Irish Organic Association Cattle Sale
Agriculture/Livestock News
Weekly cattle auction, plus Irish Organic Association Cattle Sale
Expect a batch of very sweet cows with high solids in Cootehill Livestock Mart today. All are not in calf, but are suitable for breeding. They’ll be at the mart’s weekly cattle sale – Wednesday, 30 November 2022 at 11.30. Sale times Ring 2, Cull cows, Heifers then bullocks, Intake 8am – 11am, Viewing 10:00 – 11:30, Start 11:30Ring 1, Irish Organic Association Cattle Sale, Intake 8am – 11am, Viewing 9:00…
REA Potterton Rathfeigh Tara, Co Meath 0612
News Property
REA TE Potterton – 23 acres with 16 stables – Rathfeigh Tara, Co Meath – 06/12
A property featuring 23 acres and 16 stables comes to auction on 6th December 2022 at The Property Exchange Trim, Co Meath and online via LSL Auctions at 15:00 – (unless previously sold).Lot 1A. Situation & description:The lands at Rathfeigh Tara, Co Meath are very well located adjacent to Rathfeigh Church just off the L1002 which links the N2 Ashbourne to Slane Road with M3 motorway. They are close to…
Carnew Mart Machinery Auctions tractors
Agriculture/Livestock News
Valtra Tractor, Isuzu Jeep, Land Cruiser, more, at Carnew Mart
Today’s viewing for Carnew Mart Machinery Auctions’ sale is from 12:00 to 13:00, and 14:00 to 15:00. Take a look at the catalogue to see if anything appeals. The sale is Wednesday 30th November, at 18:00. Lots include: 89 Pajero Farm Jeep Engine and Gear Box 100% No Brakes2010 Ford Transit Crew Cab&Tipper 195,000km No Tax No Test02 New Holland LW 70B Loader and Bucket96 Isuzu Jeep Fertilizer Spreader Perfect…
Castleisland Coop Mart
Agriculture/Livestock News
Top class U grade bullock stock – 550-600kgs at Castleisland Co-op Mart
There’ll be U grade bullocks available to buy at Castleisland Co-op Mart’s Wednesdays sale today – 30th November. 550-600kgs – top class stock . More U/R grade continental bullocks are urgently required – 500-600kgs. AAX / HEX cattle 400-700kgs are also wanted for West of Ireland customers. All enquiries welcome, phone Nelius 086 253 4430, or Adam 086 355 6945. Another top class entry at this general sale is a reduction…
Potterton Balrinnet Carbury Co Kildare 0612
News Property
REA TE Potterton – 42 acres of farm land – Balrinnet, Carbury, Co Kildare – 06/12
REA TE Potterton brings 42 acres of farm land to auction at Balrinnet Carbury, Co Kildare. The sale takes place via LSL Auctions on 6th December, 2022, (unless previously sold). Lot 1: Situation & Description: The land in the local area is characterised by farm land, one off housing and quarries such as the Kilsaran / Clonard quarry and some smaller sand and gravel operations. It is located on a secondary…
Liscullane Charollais Pedigree Registered In Lamb Sale Roscommon Mart
Agriculture/Livestock News
Liscullane Charollais Pedigree Registered In-Lamb Hogget Ewes
Look out for the Liscullane Charollais Pedigree Registered In Lamb Sale in Roscommon Mart on Friday evening on 9th December 2022 at 19:00. There’ll be scanned in lamb to 5 Star and 4 Star Rams. Due to lamb from the first week of January 2023. All ewes vaccinated with Enzovax and Toxovax pre mating . Online (LSL Auctions) and Ringside bidding. For more information contact Eamonn Quinlivan at 087 649 3472,…
GVM Lisnamuck, Croagh, Co. Limerick 0812
News Property
GVM Limerick – Lisnamuck, Croagh, Co. Limerick – 08/12
GVM announce to the market a superb Circa 23 st acre roadside holding positioned in this prime location on the road linking Croagh to Curraghchase and close to the N21 road linking Limerick to Newcastle West. For Sale by Public and online auction on Thursday, 8th December at 15:00 in their Limerick City Auction Rooms at 25/26 Glentworth Street, Limerick City (unless previously sold and on the kind instructions of…
Brockagh Cloghan Mart sheep sale
Agriculture/Livestock News
Sheep sale at Brockagh Cloghan Mart tonight
Brockagh Cloghan Mart’s Sheep Sale this evening starts at 19:00  – on Monday, 28th November 2022 in Ring 1. Intake is at 16:00 with viewing between 17:30 – 18:30. Register to bid via LSL Auctions here. Contact Brockagh Cloghan Mart at:  074 913 3979, or 083 084 8910. Get LSL Facebook updates. LSL Auctions, LSL News.
LSL Auctions Property Sales
News Property
LSL Auctions Land & Property Sales for November
Here are LSL Auctions Land & Property highlights selling this month. SOLD – LOT 3 ENTIRE – €810,000Live Auction: 03/11/2022 – DNG McCormack QuinnLocation: Curtlow, The Ballagh, Enniscorthy, Co. WexfordLot 1: Outstanding C. 63 Acre Non-Residential Holding, off Ballymurn to Ballagh RoadKeywords: Land & FarmAuctioneer: DNG McCormack QuinnView details. Live Auction: 03/11/2022 – Murtagh BrosLocation: Gartlandstown, Crookedwood, Co. WestmeathLot 1: Superb c.166 acre Residential Farm.Keywords: Land & FarmAuctioneer: Murtagh BrosView details.…
GVM Kilmallock Mart Organic Sale
Agriculture/Livestock News
Over 270 stock selling at Irish Organic Cattle Sale
GVM Group Kilmallock Mart will have over 270 stock on offer today at their Irish Organic Cattle Sale. When: Saturday 26th November, Ring 1,  Start 11:00 sharp! Buyers can also prep for Monday’s sales: Monday 28 Nov, Ring 3, Dry Cows, Bulls, Dairy, Intake 8:00 onwards, Start 10:30Monday 28 Nov, Ring 1, Weanlings, Bullocks, Suckler & Heifers, Intake 8:00 onwards, Start 11:00Monday 28 Nov, Ring 2, Calves-Runners , Intake 8:00…
Cootehill Mart Machinery Auction
Agriculture/Livestock News
Timed Machinery Auction at Cootehill Mart until Monday
Cootehill Mart stages a Timed Auction from today, Saturday 26th November, until 10pm on Monday for unsold lots. Items include: 14ft Ifor Williams Tri Axle Builders Trailer1957 Massey Ferguson Gold BellyHonda TRX 420 QuadSlurry mixer NC 30002010 Peugeot ExpertStand of old slurry tankCooper Regler CP3 back sprayerGate hay rackTreated posts x 50 approxMcHale Silage block cutterNugent Yard scraperChristmas tree with lightsTS400 Consaw8×5 tipper trailer9ft JF Mower14ft tri axle ifor Williams…
Roscommon Organic Sale
Agriculture/Livestock News
Organic Sale at Roscommon Mart today – cattle & sheep
Roscommon Mart is hosting an Organic Sale of Cattle and Sheep this weekend – the sale is Saturday, 26th November 26th at noon. In Ring 1: Organic Cattle & Sheep, Viewing 11:00 to 12:00, Start 12:00 For enquiries, phone 090 662 6352. Register to bid here. Contact Roscommon Mart: +353 90 662 6099. LSL Auctions, LSL News. 
Manorhamilton Mart Christmas Fatstock Sale
Agriculture/Livestock News
Plenty to see at Annual Manorhamilton Christmas Fatstock Show & Sale
Judging starts at 12 noon at Manorhamilton Mart’s 3rd Annual Christmas Fatstock Show & Sale. Over €2000 in prize money! The auction will be in Ring 2 at 14:00 today, Monday, 5th December. Here’s some highlights on offer: – Lim Blue heifer Ballinloan Jaegerbomb out of a Blue cow by STQ. Red lim heifer is lennox out of a caveland Fenian heifer purchased off Martin O Conner. Both of milky…
Tipperary Town Mart young cows
Agriculture/Livestock News
Complete clearance of young Limousin cows at Tipperary Town Mart
Tipperary Town Mart hosts a complete clearance sale of 38 very young Limousin cows today, Friday 25th November at 12 noon. There’ll be 29 with young calves at foot (3 to 12 weeks) and 9 incalf (Dec/Jan). Top quality herd for Shane Gleeson, Cappamore (Better Farm Participant) – Suckler Cows, Viewing 11:00 to 12:00, Start 12:00, Clearances of 38 cows (29 with calves at foot). See  – Calves, Intake…
Upcoming Machinery Sales LSL News
Agriculture/Livestock News
Upcoming Plant & Machinery Sales on LSL
Be sure to diarise LSL’s upcoming Plant & Machinery Sales which always have a variety of great items to bid for. Dungannon Farmers Mart90 Granville Rd, Granville, Dungannon, UKFriday 9 December, Start 10:00Machinery SalePhone: +44 288 772 2727Information. Plumbridge Livestock Sales2a Main Street, Plumb Bridge, UKSaturday, 10 December, Start 10:00Machinery SalePhone: +44 28 8164 8940.Information. Hennessy Machinery AuctionsBallynolin, Stradbally, Co. LaoisSaturday 17 December, start 10:30Online Farm & Plant Machinery AuctionPhone: +353 87 938…
Mid Kerry Co-Op Mart Cattle Sale
Agriculture/Livestock News
Large numbers wanted at Mid Kerry Co-Op
Mid Kerry Co-Op Mart has put out the word that large numbers are wanted for their Cattle Sale this weekend. So follow-up, if you have cattle available. Upcoming mart activity: – Saturday 26th November, Ring 1, General Cattle Sale, Intake 9:00, Start 11:30– Tuesday 29th November, Ring 1, Sheep Sale, Intake 8:00, Start 10:00 Register to bid here. Contact Mid Kerry Co-Op Mart at: +353 66 976 7309 Get LSL…