LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart – 13/02/2023
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 31/01/2022
Monday’s selected Sheep Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. LAMB 20-30KG Avg Price/KgLAMB 2.55/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LAMB, 20kg 5.25/kg 105.00LAMB, 20kg 4.95/kg 99.00LAMB, 22kg 3.82/kg 86.00LAMB, 29kg 3.80/kg 111.00LAMB, 25kg 3.72/kg 93.00LAMB, 26kg 3.65/kg 95.00 LAMB 30-40KG Avg Price/KgLAMB 3.02/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LAMB, 35kg 4.51/kg 158.00LAMB, 35kg 3.63/kg 127.00LAMB, 30kg 3.6/kg 108.00LAMB, 37kg 3.60/kg 132.00LAMB, 35kg 3.57/kg 125.00LAMB, 35kg 3.57/kg 125.00 LAMB 40-50KG Avg Price/KgLAMB 2.83/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LAMB, 48kg 6.25/kg 300.00LAMB, 46kg…
Irish beef exports to the UK on the rise
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 31/01/2022
Monday’s selected Cattle Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. DRY COW 400-500KG Avg Price/KgFR 1.47/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:FR, 450kg 2/kg 900.00LM, 465kg 1.87/kg 870.00FR, 475kg 1.47/kg 700.00FRX, 460kg 1.43/kg 660.00FR, 490kg 1.22/kg 600.00FR, 460kg 1.17/kg 540.00 DRY COW 500-600KG Avg Price/KgFR 1.48/kgFRX 1.29/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:CH, 525kg 2.06/kg 1080.00FR, 505kg 1.88/kg 950.00FR, 545kg 1.69/kg 920.00FR, 575kg 1.69/kg 970.00FR, 542kg 1.68/kg 910.00FRX, 590kg 1.68/kg 990.00 DRY COW 600-700KG Avg Price/KgCH 2.05/kgFR 1.56/kgFRX 1.57/kgHE…
Retirement Auction Hennessy
Hennessy Retirement Auction – 19/03
There will be an online auction of approximately 200 lots of machinery, miscellaneous farm items, workshop contents and a top spec camper van on Saturday, March 19, 2022, commencing at 11am. This auction is for Mr. Richard Fryday, who has retired from dairy and pig farming in recent years. All his equipment has been maintained to a very high standard. Big ticket items on offer include:– 2008 JCB Fastrac 3230…
Lot 24A
Best Sales at LSL Auctions App – 29/01
Here are the best sales for Saturday, January 29, 2002, via LSL Auctions. Lot 24A, Price 2160.00, Tag ****, (MILK COWS.) – sold at Kanturk Mart Watch the full video here. Lot 219, Price 2000.00 – sold at Headfort Mart Watch the full video here. Lot 95, Price 3850.00, Tag ****, (HEIFER) – sold at Carnew Mart Watch the full video here. LSL News.
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 23/01/2023
Over 350,000 sheep imported into Ireland last year
Ireland imported 367,936 sheep last year. The figure has been confirmed by Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue. This was after Deputy Jackie Cahill requested a breakdown of lambs imported into Ireland by country of origin. The DAFM utilises the TRACES system to record sheep movements in terms of both imports and exports for the purposes of slaughter, breeding and fattening. Minister McConalogue said that, “Traditionally, most…
plant-based meat substitutes
Not all plant-based meat and dairy substitutes are healthy
A new WHO factsheet titled, Plant-based diets and their impact on health, sustainability and the environment, highlights that some plant-based meat and dairy substitutes may not be much better for people’s health. Many of these plant-based substitutes, also known as analogues, can be defined as ultra-processed foods (UPFs). This means they have a high energy density and tend to be high in sodium, saturated fat and free sugars, and lacking…
Housing Assistance Payment
Large number of HAP recipients ‘Locked Out of the Market’
Locked Out of the Market, a quarterly report by the Simon Communities of Ireland, has established that nine out of 10 rental properties in Ireland were unavailable to recipients of the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) last year. It found that while the number of properties to rent increased from October to December 2021, this was still 51% lower than the number of available rental properties in December the previous year.…
Smart vehicle
Cybersecurity regulations put a damper on driver assisted vehicles
Potential security hazards related to the use of driver assisted vehicles remain an ongoing concern. As the connectivity of all vehicle types has grown, effective security systems are needed to ensure these are not hacked or corrupted. The association representing the European agricultural machinery industry, CEMA, has drawn attention to parameters in the anticipated implementation of EU-wide cybersecurity regulations. Both the United Nations and the EU are working towards a…
Participate in the National Food Waste Prevention Roadmap
Last week, January 27, 2022, the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC) launched Ireland’s draft National Food Waste Prevention Roadmap. Submissions on its draft form can be submitted by the public and interested stakeholders. The closing date for submissions is March 24. The roadmap will set out a series of actions to halve our food waste by 2030. The DECC states that food waste is a global problem…
Spring Farm Machinery Shows
Spring Farm Machinery Shows set to inspire
The agricultural show calendar once again sees the welcome inclusion of the AJS Spring Farm Machinery Shows. The events are reappearing for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic halted events nationwide in 2020. An additional bonus is that new features have been added across all three shows. The first show will take place in the Eikon Exhibition Centre, at Balmoral Park, Co. Antrim in Northern Ireland, on February 23 and 24,…
Ireland forest
Afforestation rate needs immediate attention
Climate Change Advisory Council chairperson Marie Donnelly has warned that Irish forestry is in “a serious hole”, as it continues to miss its annual 8,000ha planting target. Apparently just 12pc of new forestry licences issued by the Department of Agriculture in 2021 were for tree planting. The department issued 4,050 new forestry licenses in total last year, which was broken down into 2,877 for felling, 502 for afforestation, and the remaining…
Beer CO2 shortages
Food and drink industry predicts CO2 shortages
Britain could face another round of CO2 shortages unless a new deal is struck to secure 60% of the UK’s supply. CO2 is used across numerous industries, including stunning animals for humane slaughter, extending the shelf life of food, making drinks fizzy, aiding in surgical operations and cooling nuclear power plants. A Food and Drink Federation spokeswoman said: “The security of food-grade CO2 supplies in the UK has been a…
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 29/01/2022
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 29/01/2022
Saturday’s selected Sheep Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. SHEEP 20-30KG Avg Price/KgSHEEP 2.38/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SHEEP, 21kg 2.38/kg 50.00SHEEP, 24kg 2.38/kg 57.00 SHEEP 30-40KG Avg Price/KgSHEEP 2.82/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SHEEP, 34kg 2.88/kg 98.00SHEEP, 36kg 2.76/kg 98.00 SHEEP 40-50KG Avg Price/KgSHEEP 1.93/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SHEEP, 44kg 2.86/kg 126.00SHEEP, 42kg 2.81/kg 118.00SHEEP, 41kg 2.56/kg 105.00SHEEP, 45kg 2.43/kg 110.00SHEEP, 47kg 1.71/kg 81.00SHEEP, 48kg 1.13/kg 54.00 SHEEP 50-60KG Avg Price/KgSHEEP 1.57/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SHEEP, 54kg 2.72/kg 147.00SHEEP,…
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 09/02/2023
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 29/01/2022
Saturday’s selected Cattle Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. FAT COW 400-500KG Avg Price/KgFR 1.55/kgHEX 1.28/kgJEX 1.18/kgMOX 1.81/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:FR, 434kg 1.91/kg 830.00MOX, 463kg 1.90/kg 880.00MOX, 418kg 1.82/kg 760.00FR, 492kg 1.79/kg 880.00MOX, 452kg 1.73/kg 780.00FR, 498kg 1.65/kg 820.00 FAT COW 500-600KG Avg Price/KgFR 1.57/kgFR,FRX 1.52/kgFRX 1.39/kgHEX 1.89/kgJEX 1.14/kgLMX 2.29/kgSIX 1.52/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LMX, 544kg 2.37/kg 1290.00LMX, 522kg 2.20/kg 1150.00HEX, 588kg 2.18/kg 1280.00FR, 516kg 2.13/kg 1100.00FR, 554kg 2.11/kg 1170.00FR, 550kg 2.09/kg 1150.00…
New €1,500 cashback for mortgage switchers
Finance Ireland have introduced a limited-offer contribution for customers who switch onto one of their long-term rates. According to Alison Fearon from, if you switch onto their 10-, 15-, 20- or 25-year fixed rates before the March 31, 2022, you can get €1,500 cashback within two months of drawdown. It seems Finance Ireland aren’t the only ones to announce new cashbacks, as having only just cut their rates recently, Avant…
Well-being Information hub
Well-being Information hub
A Well-being Information Hub has been developed and is being maintained by the Central Statistics Office (CSO). It aims to report on the wellness of the nation and attempts to answer the essential question – how are we doing as a country, as communities and as individuals. The content covers the broad range of life in Ireland – from education, to health, to work and many more facets of Irish…
Dairy milking
Dairy sector asked to keep emissions in check
Addressing the Irish Farmers Association AGM this week, Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue said the agriculture sector needs to ‘stabilise emissions rapidly’ – adding that if emissions are permitted to increase further, the sector “will be faced with an even bigger challenge in the coming years, one that will put even more pressure on farmers”. He asserted that greenhouse gas emissions from the dairy industry must not rise beyond their…
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 24/01/2023
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 28/01/2022
Friday’s selected Sheep Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. SHEEP 40-50KG Avg Price/KgSHEEP 2.63/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SHEEP, 47kg 3.14/kg 149.00SHEEP, 42kg 3.14/kg 132.00SHEEP, 43kg 3.12/kg 135.00SHEEP, 50kg 3.02/kg 150.00SHEEP, 46kg 3/kg 138.00SHEEP, 42kg 2.96/kg 126.00 SHEEP 50-60KG Avg Price/KgSHEEP 2.55/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SHEEP, 55kg 3.16/kg 174.00SHEEP, 53kg 3.16/kg 166.00SHEEP, 52kg 3.12/kg 162.00SHEEP, 51kg 3.07/kg 158.00SHEEP, 55kg 3.07/kg 168.00SHEEP, 51kg 3.00/kg 154.00 SHEEP 60-70KG Avg Price/KgSHEEP 1.80/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SHEEP, 62kg 2.29/kg 142.00SHEEP, 68kg…
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 06/02/2023
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 28/01/2022
Friday’s selected Cattle Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. CATTLE 500-600KG Avg Price/KgCATTLE 1.49/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:CATTLE, 535kg 2.86/kg 1530.00CATTLE, 585kg 0.12/kg 70.00 CATTLE 600-700KG Avg Price/KgCATTLE 2.37/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:CATTLE, 650kg 2.42/kg 1570.00CATTLE, 620kg 2.39/kg 1480.00CATTLE, 630kg 2.38/kg 1500.00CATTLE, 625kg 2.30/kg 1440.00 BK 400-500KG Avg Price/KgCHX 2.63/kgLMX 2.69/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LMX, 495kg 2.99/kg 1480.00LMX, 408kg 2.92/kg 1190.00CHX, 480kg 2.85/kg 1370.00LMX, 475kg 2.82/kg 1340.00LMX, 495kg 2.79/kg 1380.00LMX, 428kg 2.78/kg 1190.00 BK 500-600KG Avg…
Lot 949
Best Sales at LSL Auctions App – 27/01
Here are the best sales for yesterday 27 January, 2022, via LSL Auctions. Lot 949, Price 2440.00, – sold at GVM Tullamore Mart Charolais Dry Cow, Weight 995kg Watch the full video here. Lot 413, Price 2010.00, sold at Listowel Mart Belgian Blue Cross Heifer, Weight 795kg Watch the full video here. Lot 7L, Price 2400.00, sold at Ennis Mart Limousin Dry Cow, Weight 945kg Watch the full video here.…
Property prices
Property prices rose in all 26 counties last year
The national average house price during the year to last October, 2021, was €321,596. This was up 9.4pc, or €27,655, compared with the previous 12-month period to October 2020. A number of rural counties saw huge leaps in property prices due to remote working becoming more popular. This is according to GeoDirectory database figures, which confirms that the average price of a house shot up by close to €28,000 last…
Sheep attacks by dogs
Dog owners continue to be warned over sheep attacks
After a spate of attacks on sheep in recent weeks, dog owners around the county are being advised to ensure their pets are kept under control at all times, as roaming dogs are an ongoing concern for farmers at this time of the year. There have been a number of horrific dog attacks, and the gardaí have reiterated that dog owners are responsible to stop their animals from harassing or…
bank of mum and dad
‘Bank of mum and dad’ hugely impacting the property market
A survey from shows that almost two-thirds (59pc) of taxpayers believe that parents should be allowed to help their children purchase homes if they can. As such, financial input from parents is having a major influence on the housing market and may be inflating property prices. Figures from the Banking and Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI) show that in the first half of 2021, nearly 42pc of first-time buyers used…
Farm fertiliser
Europe knocked by fertiliser-plant cutbacks
Europe has been hardest hit by fertiliser-plant cutbacks on soaring costs of natural gas used to run them, and nutrient prices there remain at a record, even as pressure eased in North America. According to VTB Capital estimates, Europe could face a deficit of about 9% of its annual nitrogen-fertiliser needs in the first half, with food getting pricier if harvests suffer or crop prices rise. As the continent’s farmers…
New energy credit scheme
New energy credit initiative
The government’s new energy credit scheme will see the cost of value-added tax (VAT) will be included, which means that bill payers will save €113.50 when it is introduced later in 2022. In a memo Cabinet, ministers have been told VAT will now be included in the scheme – bringing an extra saving of €13.50, and a total saving to €113.50. The Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) will be tasked with settling any…
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 20/12/2022
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 27/01/2022
Thursday’s selected Cattle Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. CATTLE 300-400KG Avg Price/KgCATTLE 2.29/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:CATTLE, 388kg 3.20/kg 1240.00CATTLE, 348kg 1.38/kg 480.00 CATTLE 400-500KG Avg Price/KgCATTLE 2.28/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:CATTLE, 421kg 3.18/kg 1340.00CATTLE, 439kg 3.01/kg 1320.00CATTLE, 495kg 2.87/kg 1420.00CATTLE, 473kg 2.83/kg 1340.00CATTLE, 433kg 2.77/kg 1200.00CATTLE, 489kg 2.70/kg 1320.00 CATTLE 500-600KG Avg Price/KgCATTLE 2.22/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:CATTLE, 519kg 3.12/kg 1620.00CATTLE, 553kg 3.07/kg 1700.00CATTLE, 514kg 3.07/kg 1580.00CATTLE, 528kg 3.07/kg 1620.00CATTLE, 548kg 3.07/kg 1680.00CATTLE, 546kg…
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 12/12/2022
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 27/01/2022
Thursday’s selected Sheep Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. SHEEP 20-30KG Avg Price/KgSHEEP 2.85/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SHEEP, 30kg 3.36/kg 99.00SHEEP, 30kg 3.07/kg 91.00SHEEP, 30kg 2.99/kg 89.00SHEEP, 29kg 2.90/kg 85.00SHEEP, 20kg 2.8/kg 56.00SHEEP, 28kg 2.5/kg 70.00 SHEEP 30-40KG Avg Price/KgSHEEP 3.18/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SHEEP, 38kg 3.58/kg 136.00SHEEP, 34kg 3.57/kg 123.00SHEEP, 31kg 3.55/kg 111.00SHEEP, 33kg 3.51/kg 117.00SHEEP, 35kg 3.49/kg 121.00SHEEP, 36kg 3.44/kg 124.00 SHEEP 40-50KG Avg Price/KgSHEEP 2.95/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SHEEP, 41kg 3.57/kg 147.00SHEEP, 40kg…