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Dungannon Farmers Mart Set to Showcase Excellence in Pedigree Beltex Sheep Auction

Explore the Finest Pedigree Beltex Sheep at Ring 1 on Friday, December 15th

Dungannon Farmers Mart is gearing up for a prestigious event on Friday, December 15th, at Ring 1. The spotlight will be on Pedigree Beltex Sheep during this eagerly awaited auction set to commence at 12:00. With a focus on export-quality livestock, this auction promises to be a unique opportunity for farmers, breeders, and enthusiasts alike. The detailed catalogue for the Pedigree Beltex Sheep auction can be accessed at

Key Details:

Date: Friday, December 15th Time: 12:00 Location: Ring 1, Dungannon Farmers Mart Event: Pedigree Beltex Sheep S & S (Export)

Catalogue Preview:

For those interested in acquiring top-tier Pedigree Beltex Sheep, the comprehensive catalogue available on the LS LIVESTOCK AUCTIONS website is a valuable resource. The catalogue provides essential details about each sheep, including pedigree information, age, and any additional relevant information. This allows potential buyers to make informed decisions and plan their purchases in advance, ensuring a seamless and efficient auction process.

Quality Assurance:

Dungannon Farmers Mart has long been synonymous with excellence in the trade of livestock, and this auction will be no exception. The Pedigree Beltex Sheep on display will exemplify the quality and standards that have become a hallmark of Dungannon Farmers Mart. Sellers will have the opportunity to showcase their finest breeding stock, while buyers can expect to invest in sheep that represent the pinnacle of the Beltex breed.

International Focus:

With a specific emphasis on export-quality Pedigree Beltex Sheep, this auction at Dungannon Farmers Mart attracts attention not only from local farmers but also from international buyers seeking superior breeding stock. The event provides a platform for global engagement, fostering connections and trade opportunities within the Beltex sheep breeding community.

How to Participate:

For those eager to participate in the Pedigree Beltex Sheep auction, attendance at Dungannon Farmers Mart on December 15th is essential. The live auction environment offers the chance to closely inspect the sheep, interact with sellers and fellow buyers, and make real-time decisions. Additionally, online bidding options are available for those unable to attend in person, providing a convenient avenue for remote participation in the auction.

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