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Roscommon Mart Auction – Sale of Bullocks and Heifers

A Prime Opportunity for Farmers at the Fri 15 Dec Sale of Bullocks and Heifers

Roscommon Mart, a cornerstone in the Irish agricultural community, is gearing up for an exciting event on Friday, December 15th. With Ring 1 set to come alive at 11:00, farmers and livestock enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the Sale of Bullocks and Heifers. This auction promises to be a crucial opportunity for both buyers and sellers, providing a platform for the trade of quality livestock. To assist potential buyers, the comprehensive catalogue for the event is available at

Key Details:

Date: Friday, December 15th Time: 11:00 Location: Ring 1, Roscommon Mart Event: Sale of Bullocks and Heifers

Catalogue Preview:

In preparation for the upcoming auction, potential buyers can access the detailed catalogue on the LS LIVESTOCK AUCTIONS website. The catalogue provides valuable information on the featured bullocks and heifers, including breed, age, weight, and any other relevant details. This resource allows buyers to make informed decisions and plan their purchases in advance, ensuring a smooth and efficient auction process.

Quality Assurance:

Roscommon Mart has built a strong reputation for maintaining high standards in the trade of livestock. The upcoming sale will uphold this tradition, featuring a selection of healthy, well-maintained bullocks and heifers. Sellers can take advantage of the platform to showcase their premium livestock to a discerning audience, while buyers can be confident in the quality of the animals available for purchase.

Community Engagement:

Beyond the commercial aspect, Roscommon Mart serves as a hub for community engagement within the agricultural sector. Farmers, traders, and livestock enthusiasts converge to share insights, discuss industry trends, and forge connections. The atmosphere at Roscommon Mart is not only one of business but also one of camaraderie and mutual support, making it a unique and cherished event within the local farming community.

How to Participate:

For those interested in participating in the Sale of Bullocks and Heifers, attendance at Roscommon Mart on December 15th is a must. The live auction environment provides an opportunity to assess the livestock firsthand, engage with sellers and fellow buyers, and make real-time decisions. Additionally, online bidding options may be available for those unable to attend in person, providing a convenient alternative to participate in the auction remotely.


As the date approaches, excitement is building for the Fri 15 Dec Sale of Bullocks and Heifers at Roscommon Mart. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer, a first-time buyer, or an enthusiast of the agricultural world, this event offers a unique opportunity to witness the trade of premium livestock and engage with the vibrant community that defines Roscommon Mart. Don’t miss out on this exceptional event – mark your calendar for December 15th at 11:00 and be part of the agricultural experience at Roscommon Mart.

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