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Mark Your Calendars: Northern Ireland’s Premier Aberdeen Angus Sale Coming to Dungannon Farmers’ Mart

Mark Your Calendars: Northern Ireland's Premier Aberdeen Angus Sale Coming to Dungannon Farmers' Mart

In the heart of Northern Ireland, an event of paramount importance for farmers, breeders, and agricultural enthusiasts alike is swiftly approaching. LSL Auctions is thrilled to announce the upcoming Northern Ireland Aberdeen Angus February Bull & Female Sale, set to take place in a mere two weeks. This prestigious sale will be held on Tuesday, 13th February at Dungannon Farmers’ Mart, a location renowned for its pivotal role in the agricultural commerce of the region.

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The day is set to commence with a pre-sale show at 10:00 am, offering attendees the opportunity to behold the finest specimens of Aberdeen Angus bulls and females up close. This showcase is not just a display of excellence but a testament to the breed’s significance in the farming industry, known for their resilience, quality meat production, and ease of management. Following the morning’s exhibition, the sale will kick off at 12 noon, where potential buyers will have the chance to bid on these exceptional animals, each with the potential to enhance the genetic quality of their herds.

In a nod to modernity and inclusivity, LSL Auctions ensures that no interested party is left behind. For those unable to attend in person, the sale will be accessible online via or through the LSL app, showcasing LSL Auctions’ commitment to leveraging technology to bridge distances. This feature is particularly beneficial in today’s climate, ensuring that buyers from across the UK and beyond can participate in this significant event without geographical constraints.

Prospective buyers are kindly reminded to register at least 24 hours prior to the sale day to ensure a seamless bidding process. This measure is in place to facilitate a smooth and efficient experience for all participants, whether they are bidding in person or online.

The Northern Ireland Aberdeen Angus February Bull & Female Sale represents a pivotal moment for the agricultural community. It is an event where quality, heritage, and innovation converge, offering a unique opportunity to invest in the future of farming. Whether you are a seasoned breeder, a new farmer looking to establish a robust herd, or an enthusiast keen to witness the pinnacle of livestock auctioneering, this sale is an unmissable event.

LSL Auctions invites you to be part of this remarkable day, where the legacy of Aberdeen Angus cattle continues to thrive. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, 13th February, and prepare to be part of an auction that promises not only the best in livestock but also a glimpse into the future of agriculture.

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