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Exceptional Pedigree Angus Sale from the Glankeagh Herd at Gortatlea Mart, today Thursday 1st February

Exceptional Pedigree Angus Sale from the Glankeagh Herd at Gortatlea Mart

In an eagerly anticipated event, the renowned Glankeagh herd has announced an exclusive sale of Pedigree Angus, set to take place at Gortatlea Mart on Thursday, 1st February 2024. With the sale commencing at the prime time of 6.30 pm, enthusiasts and investors in high-quality livestock are presented with a not-to-be-missed opportunity.

Register to this Auction here: Gortatlea Mart

The Glankeagh herd, known for its exemplary breeding and meticulous care, is offering a selection of 19 five-star calving cows, with some of the cows proudly standing with calves at foot. This selection highlights the herd’s dedication to quality and genetic excellence, offering a strong foundation for both established and emerging herds.

Moreover, the sale will feature 6 five-star in-calf heifers, showcasing the next generation of the Glankeagh legacy. These heifers represent the pinnacle of breeding, selected for their superior genetics, promising a future of productive and resilient progeny.

For those looking to diversify or start their pedigree, the auction also includes 5 maiden heifers. These young heifers are a testament to the Glankeagh herd’s commitment to breeding and raising animals of distinction. Maiden heifers from such a prestigious lineage present a unique opportunity for buyers to invest in the future of their herds with confidence.

LSL Auctions is proud to host this distinguished event, underscoring our commitment to offering the finest livestock to our discerning clientele. The Glankeagh herd sale at Gortatlea Mart is not just an auction; it’s an occasion to become part of a legacy that has been carefully cultivated through dedication to excellence in the Angus breed.

Buyers can look forward to an evening of competitive bidding for these top-tier Angus cattle. The auction promises to be a showcase of the best in pedigree, offering a splendid opportunity for breeders to enhance their herds with genetics that have been honed to perfection.

We invite all interested parties to join us at Gortatlea Mart for this remarkable sale. Whether you are looking to expand, upgrade, or establish your herd, the Glankeagh herd’s offering represents the pinnacle of quality and pedigree excellence. Don’t miss the chance to own a part of this exceptional lineage.

For further information and to view the catalogue of animals on offer, please visit our website. Let the Glankeagh herd sale be your next step towards breeding excellence. See you at the mart!

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