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LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart – 02/02/2024

Friday  selected Cattle Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions

BLK 300-400KG

Avg Price/Kg
AAX 2.17/kg
AAX,AAX 2.29/kg
CHX 3.00/kg
FR 1.72/kg
FR,FR 1.77/kg
FR,FR,FR 1.77/kg
HEX 2.29/kg
HEX,HEX 2.21/kg
HEX,HEX,HEX 2.22/kg
LMX 2.69/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
CHX, 390kg 3.51/kg 1370.00
LMX, 390kg 3.28/kg 1280.00
CHX,CH,CHX, 360kg 2.97/kg 1070.00
LMX,LMX,LMX,AUX, 380kg 2.68/kg 1020.00
CHX, 350kg 2.51/kg 880.00
HEX, 395kg 2.51/kg 990.00

BLK 400-500KG

Avg Price/Kg
AAX 2.30/kg
AAX,AAX 2.20/kg
AAX,AAX,AAX 2.15/kg
AUX 2.29/kg
BBX 2.26/kg
CHX 2.62/kg
FR 1.85/kg
FR,FR 1.84/kg
FR,FRX 1.94/kg
FRX 1.93/kg
HEX 2.29/kg
HEX,HEX 2.23/kg
LMX 2.58/kg
LMX,LMX 2.89/kg
LMX,LMX,LMX 2.89/kg
SHX 2.36/kg
SIX 2.33/kg
SIX,SIX 2.30/kg
SPX 2.12/kg
SPX,SPX 2.11/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
CHX, 450kg 3.42/kg 1540.00
LMX, 430kg 3.09/kg 1330.00
LMX,LM,LMX,LM,LMX, 423kg 3.05/kg 1290.00
LMX, 440kg 3.02/kg 1330.00
LMX,LMX,LMX,LMX,LMX, 400kg 2.98/kg 1190.00
LMX, 470kg 2.96/kg 1390.00

BLK 500-600KG

Avg Price/Kg
AAX 2.55/kg
AAX,LMX 2.49/kg
CHX 2.78/kg
CHX,CHX 2.90/kg
FR 2.06/kg
FR,FR 2.16/kg
FRX 2.08/kg
FRX,FRX,FR,FR 2.27/kg
HEX 2.22/kg
HEX,HEX 2.30/kg
LMX 2.66/kg
LMX,CHX 3.12/kg
LMX,LMX 2.57/kg
SH 2.60/kg
SIX 2.24/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
LMX, 535kg 3.31/kg 1770.00
CHX, 545kg 3.28/kg 1790.00
CHX, 550kg 3.27/kg 1800.00
LMX,CHX, 555kg 3.26/kg 1810.00
CHX, 540kg 3.26/kg 1760.00
CHX, 560kg 3.21/kg 1800.00

BLK 600-700KG

Avg Price/Kg
AAX 2.36/kg
BBX 2.71/kg
CHX 2.68/kg
CHX,CHX 2.52/kg
FR 1.97/kg
FRX 1.98/kg
HEX 2.60/kg
JEX 1.79/kg
LM 2.77/kg
LMX 2.84/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
LMX, 695kg 3.08/kg 2140.00
LMX, 645kg 3.07/kg 1980.00
LMX, 635kg 3.06/kg 1940.00
LMX, 660kg 3.05/kg 2010.00
LMX, 615kg 3.04/kg 1870.00
LMX, 650kg 3.02/kg 1960.00

BLK 700-800KG

Avg Price/Kg
BBX 2.80/kg
CHX 2.77/kg
LMX 2.99/kg
LMX,LMX 2.99/kg
SIX 2.50/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
LMX, 710kg 3.28/kg 2330.00
BAX, 735kg 3.24/kg 2380.00
CHX, 725kg 3.2/kg 2320.00
LMX, 720kg 3.17/kg 2280.00
LMX, 700kg 3.1/kg 2170.00
LMX, 765kg 3.07/kg 2350.00

BLK 800-900KG

Avg Price/Kg
AAX 2.74/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
LMX, 815kg 2.88/kg 2350.00
AAX, 805kg 2.84/kg 2290.00
AAX, 850kg 2.74/kg 2330.00
SH, 800kg 2.74/kg 2190.00
AAX, 810kg 2.69/kg 2180.00
AAX, 810kg 2.69/kg 2180.00

BLK 900-1000KG

Avg Price/Kg
HE 1.71/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
SIX, 915kg 2.57/kg 2350.00
HE, 980kg 1.99/kg 1950.00
HE, 935kg 1.43/kg 1340.00

CA 300-400KG

Avg Price/Kg
BBX 1.97/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
LMX, 330kg 3/kg 990.00
SHX, 335kg 2.69/kg 900.00
BBX, 327kg 2.14/kg 700.00
SIX, 314kg 1.91/kg 600.00
BBX, 330kg 1.80/kg 595.00

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