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Tullamore Mart’s Premier Suckler Cows & Weanling Heifer Sale: A Showcase of Quality Livestock

On Monday, December 18th, Tullamore Mart is set to host a prestigious auction featuring Suckler Cows and Weanling Heifers. Ring 2 will be the focal point of this event, kicking off at 16:30. This sale is poised to be a highlight on the agricultural calendar, drawing farmers, breeders, and livestock enthusiasts to witness and partake in the auction of exceptional cattle.

Date and Time:

  • Date: Monday, December 18, 2023
  • Time: 16:30
  • Location: Tullamore Mart, Ring 2

A Premier Auction of Suckler Cows and Weanling Heifers:
Tullamore Mart is renowned for its commitment to facilitating top-tier livestock transactions, and the Suckler Cows & Weanling Heifer Sale on December 18th is expected to uphold this tradition. The auction is tailored to cater to the needs of farmers and breeders seeking quality additions to their herds.

For those eager to preview the impressive lineup of Suckler Cows and Weanling Heifers, the official catalogue is available online at LSL Auctions. The catalogue serves as a comprehensive guide, providing detailed information about each lot, enabling prospective buyers to make informed decisions.

Suckler Cows and Weanling Heifers: A Winning Combination:
The auction will feature a prime selection of Suckler Cows and Weanling Heifers. This combination caters to the diverse needs of livestock enthusiasts, offering an opportunity to source breeding stock and young heifers that show promise for future growth and development. Attendees can expect nothing less than excellence in the quality of animals available for purchase.

The auction will be conducted by seasoned professionals who are well-versed in the art of auctioneering. Tullamore Mart is committed to providing a transparent and fair marketplace, and the experienced auctioneers will guide the proceedings, ensuring a seamless and efficient sale.

Beyond the transactions, Tullamore Mart serves as a communal hub where farmers come together to share experiences, insights, and celebrate the successes of the year. The Suckler Cows & Weanling Heifer Sale is not just an opportunity to buy and sell livestock; it is a chance for the community to gather, connect, and foster relationships within the agricultural sector.

How to Participate:
Farmers, breeders, and enthusiasts keen on participating in this premier event are encouraged to be present at Ring 2 by 16:30 on December 18th. On-site registration will be available for those who wish to engage in the lively bidding process. Additionally, online bidding may be an option, and interested parties can find more information on the official website.

Tullamore Mart’s Suckler Cows & Weanling Heifer Sale on December 18th is poised to be a standout event on the agricultural calendar. With a focus on quality, professional auctioneering services, and a diverse offering of Suckler Cows and Weanling Heifers, this auction promises to be an opportunity for both seasoned farmers and newcomers to enhance their herds. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this esteemed event at Tullamore Mart, where excellence in livestock takes center stage.