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Castleisland Co-op Mart Presents: Dairy Clearance Sale – 150 Cows, 30 Incalf Heifers, 25 Bulling Heifers

Date: Saturday, 20th January

Venue: Castleisland Co-op Mart

Sale Commences: 00:00 (Midnight)

Castleisland Co-op Mart is gearing up for an extraordinary Dairy Clearance Sale on Saturday, 20th January, featuring a diverse selection of 150 cows, 30 incalf heifers, and 25 bulling heifers. This event promises to be a standout opportunity for dairy farmers, enthusiasts, and those looking to enhance their herds with high-quality stock.

Event Highlights:

1. Extensive Dairy Offering:
The Dairy Clearance Sale at Castleisland Co-op Mart will showcase a comprehensive range of dairy cattle, including 150 cows, 30 incalf heifers, and 25 bulling heifers. This diverse offering provides a unique chance for both established dairy farmers and newcomers to acquire top-quality stock that aligns with their specific breeding goals and preferences.

2. Midnight Start:
The sale will kick off at the stroke of midnight, providing a unique and memorable atmosphere for participants. The early start allows buyers to engage in the auction process at a time that suits their schedule, ensuring a convenient and efficient experience.

3. Online Catalogue:
A detailed online catalogue is available for prospective buyers to preview the impressive lineup ahead of the sale. The catalogue, accessible at LSL Auctions, offers valuable information about each lot, enabling buyers to make informed decisions and plan their purchases effectively.

4. Expert Guidance:
The Dairy Clearance Sale will be conducted with the utmost professionalism, featuring expert auctioneers to guide the proceedings. The experienced team at Castleisland Co-op Mart is committed to ensuring a smooth and transparent auction process, providing buyers and sellers alike with a positive and rewarding experience.

5. Opportunity for Expansion:
For dairy farmers looking to expand their herds or introduce new bloodlines, this sale presents a prime opportunity. The variety of cows, incalf heifers, and bulling heifers on offer caters to different breeding goals, allowing buyers to enhance the genetic diversity and productivity of their dairy operations.

6. Community Connection:
Castleisland Co-op Mart is not just a marketplace; it’s a hub for the farming community to come together, share insights, and celebrate the industry. The Dairy Clearance Sale is a chance to connect with fellow farmers, learn from experienced professionals, and build lasting relationships within the agricultural community.

Castleisland Co-op Mart invites all dairy enthusiasts, farmers, and interested parties to join them on Saturday, 20th January, for a remarkable Dairy Clearance Sale. Whether you’re looking to make strategic additions to your herd or simply eager to experience the excitement of a live auction, this event promises an unforgettable night for all involved. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exceptional sale at Castleisland Co-op Mart.

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