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Champion Livestock on Offer at the Annual Western Region Female Sale – Register Now for In-Person and Online Bidding!

Champion Livestock on Offer at the Annual Western Region Female Sale – Register Now for In-Person and Online Bidding!

As the highly anticipated Annual Western Region Female Sale draws near, scheduled for the 1st of December 2023, it beckons not just the attendees to the Roscommon Mart at 7 PM but also virtual participants from afar. Recognizing the digital transformation in agricultural commerce, this event seamlessly integrates tradition with technology, offering online bidding through the LSL Auctions App.

Register and Online Bidding:

The auction, a hallmark event organized by the esteemed Mullah group, is where quality meets prestige, living up to its reputation of “Where Champions are Bred.” It is not merely a sale but a celebration of the finest livestock the region has to offer, a perfect opportunity for farmers and breeders to enhance their herds with superior genetics.

Registration and participation in the auction have been made more accessible than ever with the LSL Auctions App. Participants can now register through the app, which will allow them to view, bid, and buy in real-time, all with the convenience of their mobile device. This digital avenue ensures a broader reach, allowing national and international buyers to take part in this local tradition.

Those seeking to participate are encouraged to reach out for any inquiries to the dedicated contacts for the event. Brian Dowd is available at (086) 196 6079, and Brian Connelly at (087) 792 5263. Their readiness to assist ensures a smooth and informed bidding experience for all.

The integration of the LSL Auctions App in this sale is a testament to the region’s adaptive approach, bridging the gap between local heritage and global accessibility. This is where the pastures of Roscommon meet the future of farming, bringing the best of both worlds to the palm of your hand. Whether you are attending in person or virtually, the Annual Western Region Female Sale stands as a beacon of agricultural excellence.

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