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Cattle Auction at Carnew Mart: A Charitable Endeavour

Cattle Auction at Carnew Mart: A Charitable Endeavour

This coming Saturday, 26th August, Carnew Mart will be the centre of attention for cattle enthusiasts and philanthropists alike. The event, scheduled to commence at 1:00 pm in Ring 1, promises not only a showcase of prime cattle but also an act of generosity that underscores the spirit of the community.

To participate in the auction and place a bid, click on the following link to register. CLICK HERE!

A standout feature of this auction is a HEX Blk calf, graciously donated by Aidan Jones. Born on 28th February 2022, this calf isn’t just any ordinary livestock. It represents a noble initiative by the Irish Hereford Society. As part of their charitable scheme, the society acquired HEX calves – four for each province. These calves were then nurtured by young Hereford breeders, with the ultimate aim of auctioning them off for a charitable cause.

Aidan Jones’s decision to donate the proceeds from the sale of this HEX Blk calf to the North Wexford Hospice is a testament to the benevolence that runs deep within the agricultural community. It’s a gesture that goes beyond business, highlighting the sector’s commitment to giving back to society.

For those keen on participating, whether as bidders or spectators, the auction offers both ringside and online options. The digital era has made it possible for enthusiasts from far and wide to join in, thanks to LSL Auctions. Those interested in online bidding can register and place their bids via the LSL Auctions platform.

For further details or enquiries, Carnew Mart can be reached at 0539426234. Whether you’re a cattle aficionado, a supporter of charitable causes, or simply curious, this event promises to be a blend of commerce, community, and compassion. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to witness the agricultural sector at its finest, all while supporting a noble cause.

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