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Impressive €792,000 at Quillsen’s Property Auction last Wednesday, 7th June

Impressive €792,000 at Quillsen's Property Auction last Wednesday, 7th June

Quillsen, the well-renowned auctioneer, has once again delivered a stunning performance at their most recent property auction, held on Wednesday, 7th June. The event marked another remarkable day in the auction world, with two properties fetching handsome prices under the hammer, underscoring the robust strength of the Irish property market.

The highlight of the auction was a 6.9-acre derelict residential small holding on The Glen Road, Moynalvey, Summerhill, in County Meath. Despite its condition, the property, nestled in the heart of Meath’s green landscapes, proved to be a magnet for bidders. After an intense bidding war, the property sold under the hammer for a noteworthy €600,000, indicating a continued investor appetite for such unique holdings.

The second property to go under the hammer was a derelict residence in the tranquil village of Ardcath, County Meath. Although requiring significant renovation, the residence’s potential and idyllic location attracted a multitude of bids. It eventually sold for an impressive €192,000, further validating the investment potential of rustic homes in Ireland’s picturesque villages.

Both sales were conducted on the LSL Auctions App, a digital platform that allowed bidders to participate remotely in real-time, adding a modern touch to the traditional auction process. The application of digital technology in such events is becoming increasingly prevalent, reflecting the industry’s adaption to changing times.

These recent outcomes at Quillsen’s auction affirm the continued vigour of the Irish property market, despite the property’s state of disrepair. It suggests that investors are undeterred by the prospect of renovation work, seeing potential and value in such investments.

Quillsen’s success at the auction is a testament to their expertise in the market, highlighting their role as a leader in property auctions across Ireland. With continued optimism in the Irish property sector, all eyes will be on Quillsen’s future auctions, as they continue to deliver exceptional results.

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