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LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 29/05/2023 

Rockstar Herefords: Showcasing Excellence at the Herd Dispersal Sale next Wednesday, 31st May

Tuesday’s selected Cattle Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions.

CATTLE 300-400KG

Avg Price/Kg
CH 1.97/kg
HE 2.83/kg
LM 2.77/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
LM, 308kg 3.41/kg 1050.00
LM, 316kg 3.39/kg 1070.00
LM, 366kg 3.20/kg 1170.00
LM, 350kg 3.09/kg 1080.00
HE, 344kg 2.97/kg 1020.00
LM, 390kg 2.79/kg 1090.00

CATTLE 400-500KG

Avg Price/Kg
LM 2.51/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
LM, 456kg 2.72/kg 1240.00
LM, 418kg 2.63/kg 1100.00
LM, 490kg 2.45/kg 1200.00
HE, 496kg 2.28/kg 1130.00
LM, 480kg 2.23/kg 1070.00
FR, 496kg 1.77/kg 880.00

CATTLE 500-600KG

Avg Price/Kg
CATTLE 2.71/kg
HE 1.98/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
CATTLE, 580kg 3.60/kg 2090.00
CATTLE, 532kg 2.33/kg 1240.00
CATTLE, 550kg 2.18/kg 1200.00
FR, 598kg 2.16/kg 1290.00
HE, 552kg 2.05/kg 1130.00
HE, 546kg 1.90/kg 1040.00

CATTLE 600-700KG

Avg Price/Kg
FR 1.61/kg
LM 2.13/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
LM, 631kg 2.23/kg 1410.00
LM, 616kg 2.11/kg 1300.00
LM, 642kg 2.06/kg 1320.00
CATTLE, 664kg 2.03/kg 1350.00
FR, 602kg 1.66/kg 1000.00
FR, 670kg 1.57/kg 1050.00

CATTLE 700-800KG

Avg Price/Kg
LM 1.91/kg

Highest Price/Kg Lots:
CH, 746kg 2.68/kg 2000.00
LM, 754kg 2.24/kg 1690.00
FR,LM, 708kg 1.58/kg 1120.00

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