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Exclusive Entry at Dungarvan Mart: A Bounty of Weaned Calves

Exclusive Entry at Dungarvan Mart: A Bounty of Weaned Calves

On 1st June, 2023, Dungarvan Mart – a well-known and respected livestock trading hub in Ireland – gears up for a remarkable event. This Thursday, a unique entry of thirteen weaned calves will grace the stage, offering an exciting opportunity for cattle enthusiasts and farmers alike.

To participate in this auction and place a bid, click on the following link to register. CLICK HERE!

Among the special entries are three Aberdeen Angus (AAX) bulls and two Aberdeen Angus heifers. Known for their superior meat quality and hardy nature, the Aberdeen Angus breed has been steadily gaining traction in the global beef industry. Their presence at the Mart is sure to cause a stir amongst prospective bidders seeking quality livestock.

But it’s not only the Aberdeen Angus that will be making waves. The Mart will also welcome two Norwegian Red bulls, a breed celebrated for its outstanding dairy production. This is a rare chance for dairy farmers to add valuable bloodlines to their herds and boost their milk output.

Rounding off this Thursday’s special entry are six Friesian (FR) bulls. These animals are renowned for their versatility in both dairy and meat production, making them a coveted choice for many farmers.

This unique collection of calves will be available for both onsite and online bidding, giving all potential buyers a fair chance. Dungarvan Mart has collaborated with LSL Auctions App for the digital side of the proceedings, enabling interested parties from all over the world to participate.

In a world where high-quality livestock is a priceless asset, this event is set to be an incredible opportunity for farming businesses to enhance their operations. For more information or to place a bid, individuals are encouraged to contact Dungarvan Mart directly on 058-41611.

As the day draws closer, the anticipation is palpable. This special entry at Dungarvan Mart is set to redefine the trading space, bringing together cattle breeds of exceptional quality under one roof. It is a spectacle not to be missed.

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