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Exciting Line-Up of Livestock Sales at GVM Tullamore Mart: An Unmissable Week of Action-Packed Auctions

Exciting Line-Up of Livestock Sales at GVM Tullamore Mart: An Unmissable Week of Action-Packed Auctions

The bustling GVM Tullamore Mart is set to host a thrilling series of livestock auctions, a testament to its status as a mainstay in the Irish agricultural community. With sales scheduled from May 31st to June 5th, both local and international buyers will have the opportunity to partake in the sale of a diverse array of livestock, right from their homes through the LSL Auctions App.

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The series will kick off on Wednesday, 31st May, at 11:00 in Ring 2, with an array of sheep taking the spotlight. This event promises to offer a rich selection of breeds, providing an excellent opportunity for buyers to replenish their herds or venture into new farming ventures.

On the heels of the Sheep Sale, the Mart will quickly transition into the next day with the Dry Cows & Store Heifers sale on Thursday, 1st June, starting at 10:30. This event in Ring 2 will feature mature dairy cows and young heifers, a mix of livestock that has the potential to cater to diverse farming needs.

Later the same day, at 11:30 in Ring 1, Bullocks will take center stage. Known for their robustness and utility in various agricultural and dairy purposes, this sale promises to attract considerable attention.

The grand finale on Monday, 5th June, will showcase Suckler Cows & Weanling Heifers at 16:30 in Ring 2, followed by Weanling Bulls at 17:30 in Ring 1. These sales cater to those interested in beef farming, offering prime livestock that have been bred for optimum weight gain and superior meat quality.

The week’s sales will be managed through the LSL Auctions App, which has significantly expanded the Mart’s reach. This online platform brings the auction experience directly to buyers, no matter where they are. It guarantees transparent and fair bidding, assuring the best possible outcome for both sellers and buyers.

The forthcoming sales at GVM Tullamore Mart promise a rich and diverse auction experience for all participants, whether they’re seeking to grow their livestock inventory or simply appreciate the excitement of a vibrant livestock auction. Mark your calendars now to make sure you don’t miss out on these highly anticipated events.

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