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€646,000 under hammer | Thriving Online Property Auction: REA TE Potterton Celebrates Impressive Sales Today with LSL Auctions

€666,000 under hammer | Thriving Online Property Auction: REA TE Potterton Celebrates Impressive Sales Today with LSL Auctions

This afternoon, in a spirited bout of competitive bidding, REA TE Potterton was met with applause by LSL Auctions for their triumphant online auction sales. The auction, taking place on Wednesday, 31st May, saw a diverse array of properties changing hands for considerable figures.

Among the stand-out sales was Lot 1A – a parcel of 17 acres of non-residential lands located in Clonyn Delvin, County Westmeath. This lot sparked heightened interest, with bidders relentlessly vying for ownership. The aggressive bidding pushed the final sale price up to a hefty €196,000. This reflects the appealing qualities of the property and the considerable potential bidders see in it.

The centerpiece of the auction, however, was undeniably Lot 3. This property, which included a three-bedroom home and expansive lands of 44.5 acres or 18 hectares, partly embodied in Folios LD1316 & LD9410. The bidding for this enticing package was intense, culminating in the lot being sold for a striking amount of €450,000, a testament to its immense value and the thriving demand in the existing property market. You must see Lot 3!

Check it out the Lot 3!

The entire auction was adeptly streamed via LSL Auctions’ online platform, creating a bridge between an extensive variety of buyers and sellers. It showcased the rising popularity of online property sales. This successful day of auctioning has further fortified REA TE Potterton’s status as a skilled handler of high-stakes property transactions, and affirmed LSL Auctions’ effectiveness as a dynamic, reliable online auction platform.

Today’s auction paints a picture of a sturdy property market, the escalating trend of online property transactions, and the efficacy of collaboration between trustworthy partners such as LSL Auctions and REA TE Potterton

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