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Exceptional Genuine Freshly Calved Dairy Stock Arrive at Kanturk Mart on Tuesday 21st March

Exceptional Genuine Freshly Calved Dairy Stock Arrive at Kanturk Mart on Tuesday 21st March

On Tuesday, 21st March, Kanturk Mart will see a special entry of Genuine Freshly Calved Dairy Stock. This exceptional collection features four cows (three of which are third calvers) and one heifer (a first calver), each boasting remarkable performance figures. These fine specimens are bound to attract attention from discerning dairy farmers seeking to enhance the quality and productivity of their herds.

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Renowned for its commitment to quality, Kanturk Mart is the go-to destination for dairy farmers seeking top-notch stock. This special entry of Genuine Freshly Calved Dairy Stock is no exception. The cows on offer possess an impressive butterfat content of 5.05, a protein content of 3.87, and an outstandingly low somatic cell count (SCC) of 79. These figures are a testament to the superior health and milk production capacity of these animals.

The third calvers in this entry are particularly noteworthy, as they have already proven their ability to produce high-quality milk during their previous lactations. As a result, these cows are expected to be in high demand among buyers looking for reliable and experienced additions to their herds. The first calver heifer, on the other hand, offers the perfect opportunity for farmers seeking to invest in promising young stock with excellent genetic potential.

Kanturk Mart is delighted to offer this selection of Genuine Freshly Calved Dairy Stock at its sale on Tuesday, 21st March. The event promises to be a memorable one, with these exceptional animals generating considerable interest among dairy farmers in search of outstanding herd additions.

In keeping with the times, Kanturk Mart has embraced technology and offers online bidding via the LSL Auctions App. Our innovative platform allows buyers to participate in the sale remotely, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for all involved. To take part in this highly anticipated event, prospective bidders simply need to download the app and register their details. Once this process is complete, they will be able to place bids from the comfort of their own homes or farms, without the need to attend the auction in person.

As the date draws near, excitement continues to build around this special entry of Genuine Freshly Calved Dairy Stock. Kanturk Mart invites all interested parties to join them on Tuesday, 21st March, either in person or via the LSL Auctions App. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to secure exceptional dairy cows with unrivalled performance figures and enhance your herd’s productivity and profitability.

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