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33 Super In-Calf Heifers from Herbie’s herd

Herbie’s Heifer’s Carrigallen Mart Herbie Griffiths

Herbie Griffiths from Co Cavan offers top quality in-calf and maiden heifers for sale throughout the year, and tonight he’s selling 33 quality continental type heifers calving from end of January to April 2023.

The majority are calving February / March to a mix of proven Limousin Stockbulls and AI.

The evening sale is in Carrigallen Mart.

Monday 23rd January sales:

– Ring 2, Sheep, Intake 2pm, Viewing 5pm, Start 17:00
– Ring 1, Heifers, Bullocks, Dry Cows, Intake 3pm, Viewing 5pm, Start 18:00

Contact Herbie’s Heifers on 086 828 8491 for more information.

See the catalogue here on Flipsnack.

Register to bid here.

Contact Carrigallen Mart phone: +353 49 433 9633.

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