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Top class U grade bullock stock – 550-600kgs at Castleisland Co-op Mart

Castleisland Coop Mart

There’ll be U grade bullocks available to buy at Castleisland Co-op Mart’s Wednesdays sale today – 30th November. 550-600kgs – top class stock .

More U/R grade continental bullocks are urgently required – 500-600kgs. AAX / HEX cattle 400-700kgs are also wanted for West of Ireland customers.

All enquiries welcome, phone Nelius 086 253 4430, or Adam 086 355 6945.

Another top class entry at this general sale is a reduction sale of PB Limousine stock – 3 cows with strong calves at foot, 3 incalf cows to AI sires, 4 PB maiden heifers right for breeding, 1 19 month old Pb bull. On sale at approximately 13:00 after the dry cow sale .

Ring 1: Cows, Bulls, Sucklers, Bullocks & Heifers, Start 11:00.

Online Bidding via LSL Auctions.

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Contact Castleisland Co-op Mart Phone: +353
66 714 1247

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