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‘idirlinn, shifting silence’ – final days

shifting silence

Now is your chance to catch the last few days of ‘idirlinn, shifting silence’, the Rosie O’Reilly exhibition being presented at the LAB Gallery in Dublin.

The exhibition, which ends on 27 August, 2022, journeys through layers of mythology, local wisdom, animism, blue humanities and ecophilosophy in a body of work that searches for new and hybrid ways to exist in “the mesh” – a place of acknowledged ecocide and climate chaos. It is curated by Sheena Barrett and Shannon Carroll.

Both process and materiality overlap through materials that embody themes of metamorphosis and transformation. The work asks viewers how we can disimagine the inevitability of things and form new layers of meaning to build new worlds together.

O’Reilly is a Dublin-based visual artist working across installation, written work and drawing. She is currently an artist in residence on the Leitrim Sculpture Centres ‘Land, Ecology and Environment’ programme.  

Recent written work includes being published in the Winter Pages (2018) and a commissioned essay for the ‘The Sea Around Us’, The Model Sligo (2020). She has been awarded a number of national and international residencies including UCD Parity Studios 2020/2021, Basic Space residency (2019), Callen Workhouse Union residency (2018), Lay of the Land (2017) and Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto Gijon, Spain (2014).

Collaborative projects include ROSC: Fiction of the Contemporary, Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA)(2017) and PIIGS: An Alternative Geography to Curating, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Turin, Italy (2016).

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