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‘Copper Roots’ at The Kenny Gallery

Copper Roots

‘Copper Roots’, Liam Butler’s first exhibition in more than 10 years, is now open at The Kenny Gallery in Galway. This is the first time he is exhibiting alongside his children Davin, Lisa and Ronan.
Liam is a self-taught sculptor, who has been creating and exhibiting work for almost three decades. He trained his children in the art of sculpture, sharing his love of copper, the possibilities the material presents, and the techniques he has developed throughout his career.

In 2020, the Butler family found themselves together in Galway for the first time in many years. During this unplanned period at home, they discovered a renewed appreciation for sculpture, and spent more and more time in the workshop creating alongside one another. This period made for a lot of learning and creativity, as well as experimentation with new techniques.

This exhibition is a celebration of reconnecting with family roots, and of passions passed on from one generation to the next. Kenny’s was the first gallery to exhibit Liam’s work in 1997, so it holds great significance to return to exhibit now as a family.

‘Copper Roots’ can be until 13 September, 2022, from Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm.

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