Mounting concern as Russia/Ukraine situation escalates 

Concerns are mounting as the situation between Russia and Ukraine intensifies with some saying that it would lead to food shortages in Western Europe. According to TD Michael McNamara who raised the concern in the Dáil says ‘up to now, we have lived in a time of unprecedented peace and security in Europe, including energy security and food security. All of that seems to be questionable and questioned now.’ 

Recent reports have stated that the European Union and the US have issued economic sanctions on Russia targeting Kremlin interests. McNamara has highlighted that this will have dire consequences for the exporting and importing of produce, as ‘it is expected that there is going to be an interruption in that food production, which will lead to a huge increase in food prices.’ 

The matter has additionally highlighted the current financial crisis facing the country in terms of rising fertiliser costs and feedstuff, while the country reels from the latest statistics revealing the increase in inflation. But not everyone believes that it may be as bad as it seems as Tánaiste Leo Varadkar says he does not believe that the effects of the situation would lead to food shortages in Ireland.

He says that Ireland is already battling to balance the books, as the energy costs increase, which has a knock-on effect with produce but government has intervened to help and will continue to intervene to help.  

LSL News.