Midweek beef price increase described as “crazy” 

LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 13/02/2023

The latest increase in the price of beef has been described as “crazy”, as the price was hiked for the fourth time in two consecutive weeks. This week saw the midweek quote increase in order to secure supplies of cattle. The latest hike sees the price of beef at €4.60/kg for bullocks while heifers increased to €4.65/kg. Various reports state that Foyle Meats, Co. Donegal, is out in front on price offering its usual 10c/kg weight bonus on eligible cattle. 

The latest increase sees Angus breed bonuses increased to 30c/kg in some processors, leaving the price of €5.15/kg available for R- and R= grade in-spec Angus heifers at the higher-end of the scale. The cow price is at €4.00/kg on offer for P-grade cows with a carcass weight of between 300-400kg on the higher end of the scale, while €4.10, €4.30 and €4.40/kg is on offer for heavy O, R and U-grade cows fitting the same specifications.

For under-24-month bulls €4.55/kg is on offer for R-grade bulls, with €4.65/kg on offer for U-grading bulls at the higher end of the scale. A 10c/kg weight bonus is available in this category also for bulls with a carcass weight of between 320kg and 400kg at Foyle Meats. 

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