New vet prescription rules deferred until June 2022

New vet prescription rules deferred until June 2022

Prescriptions for anti-parasitic treatments and medicated feed for livestock have been postponed until 1 June 2022, confirmed the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA).

Hugh Farrell, ICSA animal health and welfare chair, said the new regulations that had been due to come into effect on 28 January next year had been postponed due to pressure from farm organisations.

“We have also succeeded in ensuring that the prescription shall be valid for one year, rather than an initial proposal of five days,” he said.

Mr Farrell confirmed that licensed merchants, registered pharmacies and vets will continue to sell anti-parasitic treatments such as wormers.

“Vets will be allowed to prescribe these on the basis of the active ingredient which ensures that all generic products will continue to be available.

“In practice, the vet will issue the prescription and the farmer may choose to buy from the vet or bring the prescription elsewhere.”

Ray Doyle from the Irish Co-Operative Organisation Society (ICOS) said the group also welcomed the deferred date and added: “All we are seeking is a level playing pitch in relation to the intended purpose and implementation of the new regulation.”

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