Farmers rally in Dublin to protest against carbon emissions changes

Farmers rally in Dublin to protest against carbon emissions changes

A huge convoy of more than 100 tractors and farm vehicles disrupted traffic in Dublin on Sunday as Irish farmers protested against Government climate change plans.

Organised by the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA), the protesters gathered near Government buildings in the city centre.

The farmer group has accused the Government of providing “empty rhetoric and lofty targets” to help them meet the target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 22-30 per cent. 

IFA president Tim Cullinan, addressed the rally and said: “Farmers are very conscious of the climate challenge and farmers want to play their part.

“But this Government has no plan. Farmers are being talked at, rather than talked to.”

Earlier this month, the Government published its Climate Action Plan, which demanded the agriculture sector reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

The plan also outlined more than environmentally-friendly 40 measures that need to be taken by farmers. These include a reduction in the use of fertilisers and the “stabilisation” of herd numbers by slaughtering animals at an earlier age.

Ireland’s agricultural sector is a crucial part of the Irish economy, with food and drink being the biggest export. 

However, Ireland has the highest methane output per capita in the European Union due to the sector being dominated by beef and cattle production.

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