More funding needed for young farmers under new CAP

More funding needed for young farmers under new CAP

Young farmers should be given more funding under the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), say the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA).

A 25 per cent top-up for young farmers on coupled suckler and ewe premiums is being proposed in the organisation’s submission as part of the CAP Strategic Plan (CSP) consultation. 

The ICSA has pointed out that under EU rules there is flexibility to give 13 per cent for coupled payments under Pillar 1 and has suggested its proposal for couple suckler and ewe premiums, capped at 40 suckler cows and 250 ewes. 

Meanwhile, the ICSA is proposing an early retirement scheme as part of its vision for the CAP Strategic Plan which it says will help older farmers to move away from suckler farming and calving cows. 

The organisation suggests €100/suckler cow for five years for five years for a retirement scheme for farmers aged over 55.