Farmers can apply for TB compensation online

Farmers can apply for TB compensation online

From today (September 30) farmers will be able to apply for TB compensation online.

Now farmers will have the option to complete their application for TB compensation under the On-Farm Market Valuation scheme online.

The new TB compensation portal on the DAFM’s website will also give farmers the opportunity to accept or reject the valuation of their animals carried out by an independent valuer.

Minister of Agriculture, Charlie McConalogue said: “This new online TB compensation portal is further evidence of my department’s commitment to maximising the benefits of technology to simplify life for farmers.

Farmers will continue to receive the valuation of their animals in a hard copy format from their valuer and can log on to to accept or reject that valuation.

The measure is by introduced by the DAFM to cut the amount of time TB reactors spend on-farm. It hopes the response time from farmers to DAFM will be expedited and eliminate the cost to farmers of forwarding the forms by post. 

“Farmers have proven that they are willing to embrace the advantages of online communication. DAFM intends to continue to develop our online facilities that meet that willingness,” Mr McConalogue added. 

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