Make wool insulation mandatory in homes and public buildings

Make wool insulation mandatory in homes and public buildings

The Irish Farmers Association has called on the Government to create incentives to ensure that wool will become the insulation of choice for homes and commercial properties. 

It also wants the use of Irish wool as insulation in all social housing projects and public buildings to be made mandatory. 

The IFA has made the calls as part of its pre-budget submission which seeks Government actions across multiple farm sectors to ensure the future viability of the country’s largest indigenous industry.

A funding allocation of €78 million to deliver €30/ewe to all participants is being sought for the sheep sector, which had an output of €363m and processed 2.9m head in 2020. 

But a collapse in the wool market over the past two years led to farm lobby calls for action and commitment by the Government to investigate alternative uses for wool. 

IFA Sheep Committee chairman Sean Dennehy said shearing has become a very expensive practice for sheep farmers. The IFA has called for the inclusion of wool shearing as a measure in the Sheep Welfare Scheme. 

“This is a critical animal health and welfare measure, which is ideally placed for inclusion in the sheep scheme,” he said, adding that it will also ensure wool is presented from farms in optimum condition for further use. 

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