British steakhouse in trouble for promoting Australian beef

British steakhouse in trouble for promoting Australian beef

A British steakhouse chain has come under fire for promoting Australian beef in its restaurants.

The National Beef Association (NBA) called the advert for the 12oz Australian steaks “short-sighted” and “crass.”

The advertisement claimed the imported prime cuts from Queensland and New South Wales in its “Master Butcher’s Cut” from different parts of the world. 

Neil Shand, NBA chief executive, questioned if imported beef can be fully traceable and said: “UK beef is produced to the highest health and welfare standards, and is fully traceable to the farm from which it came.”

“The use of growth promoters continues to be openly acceptable in Australian beef production, a practice which is banned in the UK; this is an area of concern.”

British farmers on social media were also critical of the Australian beef promotion by the restaurant chain.

One Somerset farmer Nick Hiscox said: “It will taste amazing for sure, but no need for British consumers to buy Australian steaks when we all have even more amazing British steaks being produced just down the road.”