Biomethane a sustainable solution for Irish farmers

Biomethane a sustainable solution for Irish farmers

Agriculturally produced biomethane can be delivered sustainably and at scale can decarbonise the Irish energy system, according to Gas Networks Ireland.

Farmers, developers and industry bodies were included in 270 interested parties at last week’s webinar.

Ireland has the highest potential for biomethane production per capita in the EU according to the European Commission. 

This provides a strong opportunity for Irish farmers to reduce agricultural emissions and develop a thriving biomethane industry.

In other European countries including UK, Italy, France and Germany biomethane plays an important role in decarbonising sectors such as heat and transport. 

A carbon-neutral renewable gas made from farm food and food waste through a process known as anaerobic digestion (AD) and is already replacing natural gas in the national network.

Ireland will be able to sustainably deliver a net-zero carbon gas network and ensure a secure energy supply by replacing natural gas with renewable gases such as biomethane and hydrogen.