Invasive Asian Hornet discovered for the first time in Ireland

The first Asian Hornet has been found in a Dublin home, the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) confirmed.

Asian Hornets prey on honeybees, wasps and pollinators such as bumblebees, hoverflies and spiders. 

According to the NPWS, while people should not be alarmed it does demonstrate how invasive alien species can find a way into new areas.

The discovery of the Asian Hornet is the first identified in the wild but Ireland’s weather pattern makes it unlikely the specimen came from an established nest.

Now NPWS is working closely with the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine to monitor the situation. 

Minister of State Malcolm Noonan said: “It serves as a timely reminder that we should be prepared to deal with the threat they pose to biodiversity and local ecosystems.

“It is important that there should not be an over-reaction to sightings of other large insects such as wood wasps and native social wasps.

“It is imperative other species are not targeted, disrupted or destroyed on foot of this discovery of the Asian Hornet specimen.”

Additional surveillance is in place at entry points in Ireland with direct access to mainland Europe including ports, airports and large distribution hubs.

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