Northern Ireland sets out its Innovation Strategy using cutting edge technology

The Department of Agriculture Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) has launched plans to encourage the adoption of technology in the sector.

DAERA will prioritise cutting edge technology over the next four years to address issues such as climate change and ensuring sustainable food production. 

The plan sets out the target that 50 per cent more businesses will harness the prioritised technology by 2025.

Launching the strategy, Minister Poots said the Covid-19 pandemic had shown how vital information is when it comes to reacting and adapting quickly to transformation and challenge.

“Innovation drives productivity, attracts international investment, aids resilience and lays the foundations for our future,” he said.

“The development of this strategy is therefore critical as we seek to address issues such as climate change and the sustainability of food production. It is vital that we explore and exploit innovation to help us drive our response to these and other local and global challenges.”

Over the next two years agri-technology and innovation courses and knowledge transfer programmes at the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise will be established.

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