Pig price

pig price
Official pig price could increase today
Pig farmers expecting an official 4c/kg increase to be announced on 20 May, 2022, were disappointed when there was no change in pig price quotes from factories this week. However, there were some unofficial increases and deals done to ensure pig factories hold on to their supply as we head into a positive-looking summer pig-meat market. Some farmers have reported up to 2c/kg increase in this week’s price but strictly…
pig price increases
Pledges made by processors for pig price increases
In the wake of protests at various locations by The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) on 10 May, 2022, it appears that commitments have been made by a number of secondary processors to pass back pig price increases coming from primary processors. Roy Gallie, Chair of the IFA Pigs Committee, comments that  “Major secondary processors have committed to supporting pig farmers and understand the very serious situation that farmers are in.…
IFA calls for a 30c/kg pig price increase 
The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) is calling on processors to institute a 30c/kg price increase for pig farmers. IFA pigs committee chair, Roy Gallie says that cashflows are unsustainable and that this is an urgent situation. Farmers in the sector have been haemorrhaging money since September 2021 and losses have risen to €40 per pig sold, he adds. It’s understood that the increase would restore the Irish pig market to European…