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Official pig price could increase today
Pig farmers expecting an official 4c/kg increase to be announced on 20 May, 2022, were disappointed when there was no change in pig price quotes from factories this week. However, there were some unofficial increases and deals done to ensure pig factories hold on to their supply as we head into a positive-looking summer pig-meat market. Some farmers have reported up to 2c/kg increase in this week’s price but strictly…
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Prices for pigs should be higher, says IFA
The Irish Farmer’s Association (IFA) campaign seeking to get prices for pigs up to EUR 2/kg by 1 June 2022 is gaining momentum. Talks are ongoing as the Irish Farmer’s Association meets with key players to discuss the need for farmers to secure higher prices for pigs to offset the severe losses experienced on farms. While IFA spokespeople talked to representatives from retailer Tesco and pork processing company Rosderra, the…
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IFA highlight the need for better prices for pig meat
The IFA protested at four locations across the country yesterday, highlighting the need for food processor price increases. Pig farmers find themselves at breaking point and are losing €55 per pig sold, and Roy Gallie, the IFA Pigs Committee Chairman, shared that improved prices are desperately needed in order for the sector to survive. Locations targeted by the IFA included outside Pilgrims Food Masters in Shillelagh. Gallie commented that “We…