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generational renewal
Macra na Feirme repeats call for generational renewal for farmers
Years of highlighting the need for generational renewal for farmers has failed to yield tangible support, says Macra na Feirme. The organisation has been motivating for a substantial farmer retirement scheme to financially support the retiring farmer while enabling a genuine, ongoing connection to the farm if so desired. In addition, they have been calling for that land to enter into the hands of young farmers regardless of enterprise when…
forgotten farmer ireland
Macra na Feirme queries forgotten farmer issue
Farm group Macra na Feirme has raised the forgotten farmer issue, saying that farmers must receive the support “that they have missed out on”. They have requested that the Minister of Agriculture clarify plans to address promises indicated in the media as far back   2021, which alluded to the fact that forgotten farmers would get a once off-payment of around €5,000 per farmer. Reports at the time also specified that…
Young farmer
Macra na Feirme says a dairy retirement scheme would attract young farmers
Macra na Feirme, the young farmer organisation, has commented that a potential retirement scheme for the dairy sector could result in higher numbers of active young farmers. “For a number of years, Macra na Feirme has highlighted that a retirement scheme is needed across all the farming sectors to ensure financial security for the farmer who is stepping back – but also that the necessary supports are in place to…
Beef-finisher scheme proposed by Macra president
“Farmers are making decisions over the next number of weeks in terms of purchasing cattle that will be either finished off grass this summer and autumn, or finished from the shed next winter.” This is according to Macra na Feirme national president, John Keane, who has raised concerns regarding beef finishers. His comments have stemmed from his call to the Minister for Food, Agriculture and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue, in…