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Prime Investment Opportunity: 15 Top-Quality Incalf Suckler Cows Up for Grabs at Dungannon Mart Auction on Monday 12th February

Prime Investment Opportunity: 15 Top-Quality Incalf Suckler Cows Up for Grabs at Dungannon Mart Auction on Monday 12th February

In the heart of the agricultural calendar, an event of significant importance for farmers and breeders alike is set to take place at Dungannon Mart. On the 12th of February, at 7:30 PM, LSL Auctions is proud to announce the sale of 15 meticulously bred incalf suckler cows, an opportunity not to be missed by those in the farming community.

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These exceptional cows, in calf to an Aberdeen Angus bull, are due to calve from the middle of February to early April, presenting a prime investment for breeders seeking to enhance their herds with quality genetics. The Aberdeen Angus is renowned for its ability to improve herd stock, known for producing calves with excellent growth rates and carcass quality, making this sale a pivotal event for forward-thinking farmers aiming to elevate their produce.

The order of sale is meticulously planned to cater to the varied interests of all attendees. Kicking off the auction will be the fat cows and bulls, drawing in those interested in livestock ready for market. Following this, breeding cattle and cows with calves will be presented, offering a perfect opportunity for breeders to invest in future herd stars. The third lot will introduce weanlings, showcasing younger stock for those looking to raise and train their own quality cattle. The event will conclude with the sale of all other cattle, ensuring a comprehensive selection for all in attendance.

LSL Auctions has made participation in this significant event seamless, with registration and online bidding available, opening the auction to a nationwide audience. This digital approach not only broadens the reach of the auction but also provides a convenient way for buyers from across the country to access top-tier livestock without leaving their farms.

This auction represents not just a sale, but an investment in quality, genetics, and the future of farming. It’s an essential date in the agricultural community’s calendar, offering a unique opportunity to acquire some of the finest livestock available. LSL Auctions invites all interested parties to join them at Dungannon Mart for an event that promises not only to offer quality livestock but also to foster community and growth within the agricultural sector. Whether attending in person or participating online, this auction is an opportunity that discerning farmers and breeders will not want to miss.

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