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Headford Mart to Host Premier Cow Dispersal Sale Featuring Top-Quality In-Calf Cows on 17th February

Headford Mart to Host Premier Cow Dispersal Sale Featuring Top-Quality In-Calf Cows on 17th February

In the heart of the pastoral haven that is Headford Mart, an exceptional dispersal sale is on the horizon, slated for the 17th of February. This event is not just another auction; it’s a pivotal moment for farmers and breeders across the country, spotlighting the sale of smashing quality cows, a collection that stands out for its exemplary breeding and robust health.

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The cows up for auction are a premium selection of 4 and 5-star rated bovines, each in calf to an esteemed LM stock bull, a sire renowned for its superior genetics. The visual representation of this bull, available in the auction details, underscores the quality of offspring these cows are expected to produce, amplifying the value they bring to any herd.

With 8 months or more into their pregnancy, these cows are poised to contribute immediately to the genetic enhancement and productivity of their new homes. The sale features a diverse mix of CH and LMX cross cows, catering to a broad spectrum of breeding preferences and operational needs. This variety ensures that every buyer can find a match that suits their specific requirements, whether they’re looking to bolster milk production, enhance beef quality, or improve herd genetics.

Moreover, the cows being auctioned are young, primarily on their 3rd or 4th calf. This aspect is particularly enticing, offering buyers the opportunity to invest in animals that can provide returns for many years to come. Their youth, combined with proven fertility and the quality of their in-calf status, positions them as a valuable asset for both dairy and beef operations.

The auction promises over 500 lots, making it a significant event that offers ample choice and diversity. Participants are encouraged to register to bid as soon as possible to ensure they don’t miss out on this remarkable opportunity. The sale is accessible online via LSL Auctions, providing a seamless and convenient bidding process for interested parties nationwide. To register, potential bidders are urged to contact the office directly at 09335572 or 09335551, or navigate through the LSL Auctions platform for registration and online bidding instructions.

This dispersal sale at Headford Mart, facilitated by LSL Auctions, is more than just an auction; it’s a strategic opportunity for farmers and breeders to invest in their future, enhancing their herds with some of the finest livestock available. With the ease of online bidding, the event is set to be a landmark in the agricultural calendar, inviting interest from across Ireland and beyond.

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