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Special Weanling Sale at Carrigallen Mart Slated for 2nd September

Special Weanling Sale at Carrigallen Mart Slated for 2nd September

Carrigallen Mart has announced a grand event that’s sure to draw significant attention from the agricultural and livestock community. On Saturday, 2nd September, the venue will be hosting a special weanling sale, with a range of livestock that is nothing short of impressive.

To participate in the auction and place a bid, click on the following link to register. CLICK HERE!

In Ring 1, at precisely 11am, there will be an offering of 240 bulls. Photographs of these bulls have been made available for interested parties, offering a preview of the stock and ensuring that potential buyers are well-informed about the quality and condition of the animals up for bid.

Following closely, Ring 2 will open its gates at 10am, with an array of 40 calves and runners. This will be immediately followed by the showcase of 120 heifers, providing an extensive range for potential buyers. Such a sizeable event indicates not only the growth and popularity of Carrigallen Mart but also the trust that sellers and buyers alike place in the institution.

For those interested in the upcoming sale, it is worth noting that online registration and bidding will be available through LSL Auctions. This inclusion of a digital aspect ensures that those who might not be able to attend the event in person won’t miss out on the opportunity to make a purchase.

Carrigallen Mart’s commitment to quality, transparency, and a seamless buying experience is evident in its consistent efforts. This event serves as a testimony to their dedication towards the livestock community, both local and nationwide.

It is also an opportune moment for farmers, traders, and investors to secure prime livestock. Whether one is looking to expand their herd, make a valuable investment, or simply observe the intricacies of a livestock auction, this event promises to deliver on all fronts.

For those attending, especially first-time visitors, the Mart will undoubtedly leave an impression. It’s not merely about the buying and selling; it’s about the experience, the energy, and the assurance that one is engaging in a trade that has been an integral part of Britain’s agricultural tradition.

In conclusion, the Special Weanling Sale at Carrigallen Mart on the 2nd of September is shaping up to be a landmark event. With a vast range of livestock on offer and the convenience of online bidding through LSL Auctions, it’s an occasion that should not be missed by anyone in the livestock business.

For further details, photographs, and registration, interested parties are encouraged to visit the LSL Auctions website or contact Carrigallen Mart directly.

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