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Highly Successful Pedigree Charolais Bull & Heifer Sale at GVM Tullamore Mart

Highly Successful Pedigree Charolais Bull & Heifer Sale at GVM Tullamore Mart

In a remarkable event held in partnership with the Irish Charolais Society, the Pedigree Charolais Bull & Heifer Sale took place at the esteemed GVM Tullamore Mart on Saturday, May 27th. With over 60 lots of exceptional quality animals and breeders on display, this auction attracted a diverse range of participants. Among the top sales were three outstanding lots that garnered significant attention from buyers. The event also featured a seamless online bidding platform provided by LSL Auctions, ensuring wider participation and success.

Lot20: A Steal at 6,600 Euros

One of the most noteworthy sales of the day was Lot20, which sold for an impressive price of 6,600 euros. This magnificent male animal, born on January 20th, 2022, belonged to the Charolais breed and boasted an exceptional pedigree. With its desirable characteristics, including excellent sex, export potential, and a recent TB test on May 19th, 2023, it stood out as an irresistible choice for discerning buyers.

Watch the video of Lot20 – CLICK HERE!

Lot 58: A Highly Desirable Acquisition at 5,500 Euros

Another star of the event was Lot 58, a male Charolais animal born on April 17th, 2022. Selling for a commendable sum of 5,500 euros, this specimen captivated buyers with its remarkable qualities. With a positive outlook for export, excellent breed traits, and a recent TB test on May 12th, 2023, it proved to be an enticing investment for those seeking quality and potential in their herds.

Watch the video of Lot58 – CLICK HERE!

Lot 37: A Valuable Addition at 5,400 Euros

Lot 37 emerged as yet another impressive sale at the Pedigree Charolais Bull & Heifer Sale. This male Charolais animal, born on February 25th, 2022, caught the attention of buyers with its strong breed lineage and desirable attributes. It fetched a considerable sum of 5,400 euros, reflecting its exceptional quality. The animal’s export potential, along with a recent TB test on May 19th, 2023, further added to its allure.

Watch the video of Lot37 – CLICK HERE!

Seamless Bidding Experience with LSL Auctions

The success of the Pedigree Charolais Bull & Heifer Sale was further amplified by the availability of online bidding facilitated by LSL Auctions. This feature allowed buyers to participate in the auction remotely, expanding the reach and enabling a broader pool of potential purchasers. The seamless integration of technology ensured a smooth and efficient process for both buyers and sellers, making it a standout feature of the event.

The Pedigree Charolais Bull & Heifer Sale held at GVM Tullamore Mart in partnership with the Irish Charolais Society was an outstanding success. With over 60 lots of high-quality animals and breeders showcased, the event attracted considerable attention from buyers. The top sales, including Lot20, Lot 58, and Lot 37, exemplified the caliber of livestock on offer, with their exceptional breed traits and potential for export. The integration of online bidding through LSL Auctions added a new dimension to the event, facilitating broader participation and contributing to its overall success.

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