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Exceptional Entries Highlight May 30th Kanturk Mart Auction

Exceptional Entries Highlight May 30th Kanturk Mart Auction

Today, Tuesday 30th May, Kanturk Mart hosts a unique assortment of livestock, garnering significant attention in the agricultural community. Buyers from near and far are setting their sights on these special entries that stand out, not just for their quantity, but more so for their exceptional quality.

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On Ring1, the spotlight is on four FR Maiden heifers possessing remarkable Economic Breeding Indexes (EBIs) ranging between 161 and 227. This range of EBI is highly unusual, particularly for maiden heifers, indicative of their exceptional genetic potential for productivity and profitability. Adding to this intriguing selection are two additional Maiden heifers, sought after for their breeding potential.

Another notable highlight in Ring1 is the presentation of two dairy stock: a first and a second calver, both having calved only four weeks ago. Exhibiting remarkable adaptability, these bovines are already producing 5 and 6 gallons of milk daily. This impressive production rate so early post-calving positions these dairy stocks as attractive prospects for buyers seeking immediate production boosts.

Ring 2 hosts an equally compelling offering. Here, 16 strong Hereford (HE) and Aberdeen Angus (AA) calves are up for grabs. These breeds, renowned for their hardiness, high-quality meat, and adaptability to varying environmental conditions, make these calves a potential gold mine for beef producers.

In an era where technology intersects with tradition, online bidding via the LSL Auctions App enhances accessibility to these impressive entries. Now, potential buyers can participate from the comfort of their homes, removing geographical constraints and promoting a broader, more diverse bidder base.

The Kanturk Mart, this Tuesday, presents an exciting showcase of high-potential livestock. The extraordinary EBI ratings of the Maiden heifers, the promising dairy stocks, and the robust HE & AA calves all promise significant return on investment for the discerning bidder. This agricultural event underscores Kanturk Mart’s reputation as a beacon for high-quality livestock trading.

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