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1st Calving Heifer with Super Limousine Bull Calf at Foot Ready for Sale at Omagh Mart

1st Calving Heifer with Super Limousine Bull Calf at Foot Ready for Sale at Omagh Mart

Omagh Mart is set to showcase a remarkable sight today, Monday 29th May. A first-calving heifer, accompanied by a robust Limousine bull calf at foot, will be up for sale. This extraordinary bovine duo promises to attract the attention of seasoned farmers and eager buyers alike.

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The heifer, which has successfully completed her first calving, displays an impressive maternal instinct. Her healthy calf, sired by a super Limousine bull, adds to the allure of this remarkable pair. The Limousine breed is renowned for its exceptional muscle development and high-quality meat, making this particular offering even more enticing.

This exceptional heifer, having nurtured her calf with great care, is now ready for a new phase in her journey. Recognizing her value, the heifer has been served again to a Limousine bull, ensuring the potential for future outstanding progeny. This decision underscores the seller’s commitment to breeding top-quality livestock.

The sale at Omagh Mart provides a unique opportunity for buyers to acquire a productive and genetically promising animal. Whether looking to enhance their own herds or seeking an investment in high-quality livestock, buyers will find this first-calving heifer an attractive prospect.

To accommodate the evolving landscape of cattle auctions, Omagh Mart has embraced technology. Utilizing the LSL Auctions App, interested parties can participate in online bidding. This innovation allows potential buyers from far and wide to engage in the auction and secure their desired livestock without geographical limitations.

The Limousine breed’s reputation, combined with the heifer’s proven mothering abilities, guarantees a captivating auction experience. The anticipation surrounding the sale of this exceptional animal is palpable, as farmers and cattle enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to bid for this prized heifer.

As Monday is synonymous with cattle sales at Omagh Mart, the atmosphere is expected to be electric. The unique blend of traditional livestock auction practices and the convenience of online bidding through the LSL Auctions App ensures a diverse range of buyers will be participating.

The first-calving heifer, accompanied by her super Limousine bull calf, is ready to make her mark at the renowned Omagh Mart. The opportunity to secure such an exceptional animal, with the convenience of online bidding, is not to be missed. Farmers and livestock enthusiasts should mark this date on their calendars and prepare to participate in a thrilling auction experience that showcases the best in bovine genetics.

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