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Exciting Springing Heifer Auction at Draperstown Mart on Saturday 1st April

Exciting Springing Heifer Auction at Draperstown Mart on Saturday 1st April

Are you an avid cattle enthusiast or a farmer looking to expand your herd? Mark your calendars for an exciting event coming up on Saturday, 1st April 2023. Draperstown Mart is the place to be, as it will host an auction featuring 10 high-quality Hereford springing heifers, due mid-April onwards. This exciting opportunity should not be missed, especially for those in search of top-notch cattle to add to their collection.

To participate in this auction and place a bid, click on the following link to register. CLICK HERE!

Hereford cattle, known for their docile temperament, impressive growth rates, and high-quality meat, have been a popular choice among farmers and cattle connoisseurs alike. These springing heifers have been carefully selected to ensure they meet the highest standards of health, fertility, and productivity. With their calves due in just a few weeks, these heifers are a fantastic investment for the future.

The auction will take place at the renowned Draperstown Mart, a trusted name in the livestock industry. Located in the heart of Northern Ireland, the mart has a long-standing reputation for hosting successful auctions featuring high-quality livestock. With its friendly atmosphere and professional service, both seasoned and novice buyers can enjoy a seamless and enjoyable experience.

To make things even more convenient for potential buyers, the auction will also offer online bidding through the LSL Auctions App. Our easy-to-use platform allows bidders to participate in the auction from the comfort of their homes, ensuring that no one misses out on the opportunity to acquire these exceptional heifers. Simply download the app, create an account, and get ready to bid on the lot of your choice.

The upcoming auction at Draperstown Mart on Saturday, 1st April 2023, is a can’t-miss event for cattle enthusiasts and farmers. With 10 outstanding Hereford springing heifers up for grabs, there is no better time to invest in your herd’s future. Don’t forget to download the LSL Auctions App to participate in online bidding and secure your chance to bring home one of these exceptional heifers.

So, whether you’re a seasoned cattle buyer or a first-time bidder, join the action at Draperstown Mart and experience the thrill of adding some top-quality Hereford springing heifers to your collection. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity – happy bidding!

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