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Dairy Sale at Waterford Ross Mart on Friday,24th March: Quality Cattle from Beechlands and Barry’s Cross Herds

Exceptional Dairy Sale at Waterford Ross Mart: Quality Cattle from Beechlands and Barry's Cross Herds

This Friday, the 24th of March at 12 noon, Waterford Ross Mart is hosting an exceptional dairy sale that is not to be missed. The sale will showcase a variety of top-quality dairy cattle, presenting an excellent opportunity for farmers and dairy enthusiasts alike to expand their herds with proven, high-yielding stock.

To participate in this auction and place a bid, click on the following link to register. CLICK HERE!

Among the 82 dairy cattle on offer at the sale, there will be 45 calved heifers, 15 of which come from the renowned Beechlands herd. The Beechlands herd is well-regarded for its genetic excellence and superior milk production. These heifers have been carefully bred and managed to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring that they will make a valuable addition to any dairy farm.

The sale will also feature 23 calved cows, providing buyers with an immediate source of milk production. Additionally, there will be 2 in-calf heifers and 3 in-calf cows, allowing farmers to plan for future herd expansion with confidence in the quality of their new additions.

A particularly noteworthy highlight of the sale is the inclusion of 9 pedigree registered maiden heifers from the multi-award-winning Barry’s Cross herd. Barry’s Cross has earned a well-deserved reputation for producing some of the finest dairy cattle in the country. Their maiden heifers are known for their exceptional conformation, outstanding genetic potential, and strong milk production capabilities.

For those interested in attending the sale or learning more about the cattle on offer, please contact Richie at 0868452402. A catalogue can be provided upon request, detailing the background and pedigree of each animal.

In addition to in-person attendance, online bidding will be available through the LSL Auctions App. Our user-friendly platform allows bidders from around the country to participate in the sale without needing to be physically present, ensuring that nobody misses out on the chance to purchase these exceptional dairy cattle.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to acquire some of the finest dairy cattle in the region at the Waterford Ross Mart dairy sale this Friday, 24th of March at 12 noon.

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