Eamonn Carnagh Lower, Kilcogy, Co. Cavan
News Property
SOLD – LOT 1 €120,000 – Eamonn Gaffney – Carnagh Lower, Kilcogy, Co. Cavan – 17/11
SOLD – LOT 1 €120,000Three lots at Carnagh Lower, Kilcogy, Co. Cavan, go on sale by Public Auction on Thursday 17th November 2022 – the property consists of a c. 25 acre farm with a derelict house.This Eamonn Gaffney Auctioneers sale will be at 15:00 in The Pikers Lodge, Loch Gowna. Bid online via LSL Auctions. Lots: Lot 1: c. 24 Acres with Derelict HouseLot 2: c.1 AcreLot 3 Entire…
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 26/01/2023
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LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 16/11/2022
Wednesday’s selected Cattle Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. DRYCOW-F 500-600KG Avg Price/KgLMX 1.96/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LMX, 540kg 3.26/kg 1760.00HEX, 540kg 2.70/kg 1460.00LMX, 560kg 2.14/kg 1200.00LMX, 520kg 2.12/kg 1100.00AAX, 540kg 2/kg 1080.00LMX, 550kg 1.73/kg 950.00 DRYCOW-F 600-700KG Avg Price/KgHEX 1.94/kgLMX 1.91/kgSIX 1.93/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LMX, 675kg 2.25/kg 1520.00LMX, 670kg 2.24/kg 1500.00LMX, 690kg 2.20/kg 1520.00SIX, 650kg 2.17/kg 1410.00LMX, 600kg 2.13/kg 1280.00SIX, 670kg 2.12/kg 1420.00 DRYCOW-F 700-800KG Avg Price/KgCHX 2.00/kgLMX 2.22/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LMX, 780kg…
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart – 21/02/2023
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LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 16/11/2022
Wednesday’s selected Sheep Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. SHEEP 20-30KG Avg Price/KgSHEEP 2.27/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SHEEP, 25kg 2.4/kg 60.00SHEEP, 25kg 2.32/kg 58.00SHEEP, 20kg 2.1/kg 42.00 SHEEP 30-40KG Avg Price/KgSHEEP 2.71/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SHEEP, 39kg 3.23/kg 126.00SHEEP, 38kg 3/kg 114.00SHEEP, 30kg 2.33/kg 70.00SHEEP, 36kg 2.28/kg 82.00 SHEEP 40-50KG Avg Price/KgSHEEP 2.91/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SHEEP, 43kg 3.40/kg 146.00SHEEP, 40kg 3.2/kg 128.00SHEEP, 42kg 3.14/kg 132.00SHEEP, 46kg 2.96/kg 136.00SHEEP, 48kg 2.92/kg 140.00SHEEP, 46kg 2.87/kg 132.00 SHEEP…
Irish Shorthorn Society
Agriculture/Livestock News
Top quality animals catalogued for Irish Shorthorn Society Show & Sale
Jane Mayne The Irish Shorthorn Premier Sale in Roscommon Mart this Saturday, 19th November, offers a rare opportunity to acquire some of the best breeding lines in the business.The Irish Shorthorn Society’s Breed Development Coordinator Robin Leahy confirms that “there are 70 top quality pre-inspected, Pedigree registered, genotyped, TH free and export tested animals catalogued for the sale.” The Breed Secretary adds that: “There are in calf, maiden and weanling…
Taaffe Auctions Dungannon Dairy Sale
Agriculture/Livestock News
Entries from top herds at 53rd Dungannon Dairy Sale
The Relough Herd offers a strong consignment of heifers at this week’s 53rd  Dungannon Dairy Sale, making this another strong line-up of over 20 pedigree fresh calved heifers and young cows all with great potential. The Taaffe Auctions sale is at Dungannon Farmers Mart at 90 Granville Rod, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, and online via LSL Auctions on Thursday, 17th November 2022 at 11:30. Take a look at the catalogue here.…
Carnaross Mart Heifers sale
Agriculture/Livestock News
Smashing heifers go under the hammer at Carnaross
Take a look at these great Heifers that are for sale today, Thursday 17th November 2022 at Carnaross Mart. Quality not to be missed! What you can expect: Ring 1, Heifers , Start at 11:00Ring 2, Dairy Cows, Cull Cows & Sucklers, Start at 11:30 Register to bid here. Contact Carnaross Mart Phone: +353 46 924 0109. Get LSL Facebook updates. LSL Auctions, LSL News.    
GVM Auctioneers Limerick Ballymacurtain, Kilrush 1711
News Property
GVM Auctioneers Limerick – Ballymacurtain, Kilrush – 17/11
GVM announce to the market an outstanding roadside holding extending to Circa 9.54 Hectares (c. 23.57 Acres) contained in Folio CE6699 at Ballymacurtain, Kilrush. This fantastic parcel of land is located on the periphery of the thriving town of Kilrush, and enjoys extensive road frontage with obvious site or long term potential. For sale by Public and Online auction on Thursday, 17th November, 2022, at 15:00 in their Limerick City…
Sherry FitzGerald Radford Hillburn House Wexford 1611
News Property
SOLD – LOT 1 €650,000 – Sherry FitzGerald Radford – Hillburn House, Co. Wexford – 16/11
SOLD – LOT 1 €650,000 Hillburn House and acres of tillage land in Co. Wexford will be up for sale on 16th November, 2022. Sherry FitzGerald Radford bring 4 Lots to auction via LSL Auctions. Lot 1: Residence, Outbuildings on 16.08 acresLot 2: 61.18 acres Tillage LandLot 3: 30.69 acres Mature forestryLot 4: Entire Lot 1: Residence, Outbuildings on 16.08 acres Hillburn House dates from 1795 when it was first…
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 31/01/2023
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LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 15/11/2022
Tuesday’s selected Cattle Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. WBU 300-400KG Avg Price/Kg2.67/kgAAX 2.27/kgBBX 2.55/kgCHX 2.83/kgFR 1.52/kgFR,FR 1.63/kgFR,FR,FR 1.63/kgFRX 1.62/kgLMX 2.79/kgSIX 2.56/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LMX, 390kg 3.26/kg 1270.00CHX, 310kg 3.23/kg 1000.00LMX, 310kg 3.23/kg 1000.00LMX, 390kg 3.21/kg 1250.00CHX, 375kg 3.2/kg 1200.00LMX, 370kg 3.14/kg 1160.00 WBU 400-500KG Avg Price/Kg2.45/kgAAX 2.25/kgCHX 2.84/kgFR 1.65/kgFR,FR 1.63/kgFRX 1.53/kgFRX,FR,FR 1.53/kgHEX 1.96/kgLMX 2.62/kgSIX 2.74/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LMX, 420kg 3.33/kg 1400.00LMX, 445kg 3.03/kg 1350.00SHX, 425kg 3.01/kg 1280.00CHX, 400kg 2.92/kg 1170.00LMX, 400kg…
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 24/01/2023
Agriculture/Livestock Calendar News
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 15/11/2022
Tuesday’s selected Sheep Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. LB 20-30KG Avg Price/Kg2.21/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:, 29kg 2.98/kg 87.00, 29kg 2.89/kg 85.00, 30kg 2.76/kg 82.00, 23kg 2.75/kg 64.00, 23kg 2.74/kg 63.00, 29kg 2.73/kg 80.00 LB 30-40KG Avg Price/Kg2.70/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:, 35kg 3.12/kg 110.00, 36kg 3.12/kg 112.00, 37kg 3.03/kg 112.00, 39kg 3.01/kg 116.00, 39kg 3/kg 117.00, 34kg 2.98/kg 100.00 LB 40-50KG Avg Price/Kg2.80/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:, 45kg 2.99/kg 135.00, 46kg 2.96/kg 136.00, 44kg…
Taafe Auctions Dairy Sale Carnaross Mart
Agriculture/Livestock News
Riverview Springing Heifers at Taaffe Auctions Dairy Sale
The Taaffe Auctions Dairy Sale at Carnaross Mart includes Riverview Springing Heifers for Brendan Gildea, Dunmore, Galway. He’s selling 35 Springing Heifers calving January to April. Rathrone (Flynn Bros, Enfield) is also selling 28 fresh calved Heifers and young cows in full milk. This Carnaross Dairy Sale happens today, Wednesday 16th November, 2022. It starts promptly at 11.30. Contact Carnaross Mart at: +353 46 924 0109.Register to bid here. LSL…
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 20/12/2022
Agriculture/Livestock Calendar News
LSL Select Price Report – Cattle Mart 14/11/2022
Monday’s selected Cattle Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. CW 300-400KG Avg Price/KgAAX 4.55/kgAAX,LMX 4.55/kgCHX 4.45/kgLMX 4.50/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:AAX,LMX, 362kg 4.92/kg 1780.00CHX,LMX, 300kg 4.53/kg 1360.00LMX,CHX, 302kg 4.37/kg 1320.00AAX,LMX, 330kg 4.18/kg 1380.00 CW 400-500KG Avg Price/KgCHX 4.31/kgLMX 3.38/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:CHX,LMX, 428kg 4.44/kg 1900.00LMX,CHX, 400kg 4.18/kg 1670.00SHX,LMX, 450kg 4.11/kg 1850.00LMX, 455kg 2.20/kg 1000.00LMX, 470kg 1.96/kg 920.00HEX, 490kg 1.90/kg 930.00 CW 500-600KG Avg Price/KgAAX 3.06/kgCHX 2.18/kgHEX 1.60/kgLMX 2.51/kgSAX 2.23/kgSIX 1.83/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:LM, 500kg…
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart – 13/02/2023
Agriculture/Livestock Calendar News
LSL Select Price Report – Sheep Mart 14/11/2022
Monday’s selected Sheep Mart Price Report: Copyright LSL Auctions. SHEEP 20-30KG Avg Price/KgSHEEP 2.24/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SHEEP, 27kg 2.56/kg 69.00SHEEP, 24kg 2.52/kg 60.00SHEEP, 28kg 2.04/kg 56.00SHEEP, 24kg 1.85/kg 44.00 SHEEP 30-40KG Avg Price/KgSHEEP 2.63/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SHEEP, 36kg 3.00/kg 109.00SHEEP, 32kg 2.87/kg 92.00SHEEP, 38kg 2.83/kg 108.00SHEEP, 32kg 2.71/kg 88.00SHEEP, 31kg 2.61/kg 80.00SHEEP, 39kg 2.44/kg 95.00 SHEEP 40-50KG Avg Price/KgSHEEP 2.21/kgHighest Price/Kg Lots:SHEEP, 46kg 2.82/kg 129.00SHEEP, 48kg 2.74/kg 130.00SHEEP, 42kg 2.70/kg 112.00SHEEP, 42kg…
Dungannon Farmers Mart Sale
Agriculture/Livestock News
Special entry from one of Northern Ireland’s leading Angus Herds
Special entries for Wednesday’s sale in Ring 3 in Dungannon Farmers Mart will be a cracking group of DAQ Weanling Bulls, as well as a BB bred springer in calf to a PBR LIM BULL due in April. Also look out for the special entry from one of Northern Ireland’s leading Angus Herds in Ring 1 – a mighty group of AA HFRS. Approximately  550kgs. 17 months old. Not overdone.…
Genetic Gems FVM Tullamore Mart
Agriculture/Livestock News
Expectations are high for the Annual Genetic Gems Sale
Pre bidding is now live for the 2nd Annual Genetic Gems 2022 sale taking place this Saturday, 19th November in GVM Tullamore. With only days to go to the 2nd Annual Genetic Gems sale, excitement is building! The heifer pictured above was built to whet your appetite. Simone combines the very best of horned and polled genetics giving you a head start while building on the best of the Hereford…
Killmallock Mart
Agriculture/Livestock News
Special Suckler Cow Sale next week
There’ll be a Special Suckler Cow Sale in GVM Group Kilmallock Mart in a week’s time – on Tuesday, 22nd November 2022 at 18:00. Cattle intake open from 14:00. In the meantime, here’s what you can bid for today: Tuesday 15 November, Ring 1, 18:00, Weanling Bullocks and Bulls.Tuesday 15 November, Ring 3, 18:30, Runners followed by Weanling Heifers. Register to bid here.Contact Kilmallock Mart  Phone: +353 63 98050. LSL Auctions, LSL News.    
Colm Farrell Auctioneers Rockvale, Tubber, Co. Clare 1612
News Property
Colm Farrell Auctioneers – Rockvale, Tubber, Co. Clare – 16/12
Farrell Auctioneers, Valuers & Estate Agents Ltd bring to the market approx. 19.5 acres agricultural lands at Rockvale, Tubber, Co. Clare. The lands which are contained in CE10040 are of top-quality agricultural lands located at the end of the Burren with beautiful views of the Burren and road frontage on the North east boundary. Water to the lands is from a group water scheme and there are livestock handling facilities…
Kilmallock Mart Clearence inCalf Heifers
Agriculture/Livestock News
Clearance Sale of 17 Incalf Suckler Cows
Here’s an example of a Lim Heifer that will be available at Kilmallock Mart’s Clearance Sale of 17 Incalf Suckler Cows today. DOB 3 -11-21 Replacement index across breed 5 star. Replacement index 119. Sire USSE. Purebred pedigree.The sale happens on Monday, 14th November 2022, at approximately 13:00 after Dry Cows. Register to bid here. Contact GVM Group Kilmallock Mart 063 98050 or Shane Egan 087 4276772.Get LSL Facebook updates.…
Carrigallen Mart Heifers, Bullocks, Dry Cows
Agriculture/Livestock News
Heifers, Bullocks, Dry Cows available at 18:00 tonight
Intake for Sheep at Carrigallen Mart today is at 14:00. Viewing is at 17:00 and the Sale is at 17:00 in Ring 2. Ring 1 will house Heifers, Bullocks, Dry Cows. Intake is at 15:00. Viewing is at 17:00 and the Sale begins at 18:00. There’ll be some InCalf Heifers that are due at the end of December / January to Purebred Lm Bull. Both sales take place on Monday…
Carnew Mart cattle sale
Agriculture/Livestock News
Carnew Mart is selling PB Heifers, quality Bulls
There’ll be 12 2-year-old PB Heifers on sale today in Carnew Mart. Also available will be 22 great Quality Bulls. 600kg to 760kg. U grade Stock. Dosed on 1st October. It’s expected that there’s a great depth of growth in these animals. Sale times: Saturday 12 November, Ring 1, Cow Sale, Intake 7:00 to 8:00, Viewing 8:30 to 9:15, Start 09:00.Saturday 12 November, Ring 1, Cattle sale, Intake 7:00 to 8.45,…
Ballinasloe Cooperative Livestock Mart
Agriculture/Livestock News
Choose a heifer that’s sure to make a super breeder or show stock
Take your pick of Calves, Cows, Weanling Bulls & Heifers at Ballinasloe Mart today, Saturday, 12 November 2022. The mart is pleased to offer for sale in Lots 300 to 329 30 mostly 5* Home Bred – In Calf Heifers. All in Calf to 5* Easy Calving Lm Bull. On offer in Pen 112 will be 4 Heifers, which are sure to make super breeders or show stock. Sired by Tomschoice…
General Cattle Sale at Mid Kerry Co-Op Mart
Agriculture/Livestock News
General Cattle Sale at Mid Kerry Co-Op Mart  
There’ll be a selection of top quality Charolais weanlings, Bulls and Heifers at Mid Kerry Co-Op Mart’s General Cattle Sale. Saturday 12 November. Ring 1, Start at 11:30. The sale will include a Simmental suckler cow with Sim Bull Calf at foot. Contact Mid Kerry Co-Op Mart at: +353 66 976 7309. Register to bid here. Get LSL Facebook updates. LSL Auctions, LSL News.    
Carrigallen Mart
Agriculture/Livestock News
Suck Calves & Runners, Weanlings at Carrigallen
There’ll be 80 suck calves & Runners up for sale in Lots 922-940 in Carrigallen Mart today, followed by 100 Heifer’s. Ring info for Saturday 12 November: – Ring 2, Suck Calves & Runners, Intake 8am, Viewing 9am, Start 10:00.Please note new start time.– Ring 1, Weanlings, Intake 9am, Viewing 10.00, Start 11:00.  Register to bid on LSL Auctions here.Contact Carrigallen Mart at: +353 49 433 9633. Get LSL Facebook…
Sales FRiday 11 November
Agriculture/Livestock News
Top 10 Sales from 11th November 2022
Ballymote Mart (Aurivo) Weight 225Price Per Kg 4.444444444 Lot 630, Price 1000.00, Tag ****, (WH) Watch the video here. Cahir Mart (Cork Marts) Weight 27Price Per Kg 2.962962963 Lot 312, Price 80.00, Tag x5, (LAMB) Watch the video here. Ennis Mart (Clare Marts) Weight 455 Price Per Kg 3.428571429 Lot 15C, Price 1560.00, Tag x1, (BK Watch the video here.  Roscommon Mart Weight 520 Price Per Kg 3.903846154 Lot 100C,…