Good maintenance of machinery vital in current economic crisis 

As the country faces the steep reality of increasing costs farmers have been urged to maintain their machinery as it can add to production costs should anything go wrong. The maintenance of farming equipment and machinery is a high priority for farmers in order to ensure reliability. Machinery can be exposed to some of the harshest conditions, more commonly harsh ground conditions, measures should be taken in order to reduce the impact of rising costs.

Farmers have been urged to undertake the following in ensuring that their fleet is maintained on a daily basis:  

  • Cleaning the machinery 
  • Visually inspecting all major components and joints to look for any abnormalities, i.e. wear on moving parts outside of normal wear and tear; 
  • Checking tyre pressure to see if it is correct for the planned activity and ground type 
  • Checking fluids and greases to ensure there are no leaks, and all are at the right levels 

Farmers have additionally been advised to check the lubricants and fluids of the machinery as they are required in the most vital parts of the machinery. high-quality approved lubricants or lubricants meeting the machinery requirements are designed and manufactured to perform to the machinery manufacturer’s approval performances. Approved products are rigorously tested to ensure they exceed these performance levels. 

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