EU proposed nature restoration law met with resistance 

Nature restoration is front and centre in the EU commission’s new draft legislation. The proposed legislation would see the rewetting of drained farm peatlands. But the move has not been welcomed by many, as some say it would have dire consequences on farmers and rural communities. The new legislation calls for the rewetting of farmland to be done with a matter of urgency.  

Voicing concerns regarding this, Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice says that it would spark protests if the proposals were approved and would incite people to fight against the agenda being pushed on them.  

“If farmers are curtailed from ploughing ground, which is essential for reseeding grassland, as well as potentially stopping the use of chemical inputs such as fertiliser, it will dramatically reduce the profitability of farms in those areas,” Fitzmaurice continues.  

The proposed targets for the project are as follows:  

  • By 2030 – restoration measures on 30% of these peatlands, of which at least a quarter must be rewetted
  • By 2040 – restoration measures on 50% of these peatlands, of which at least half must be rewetted 
  • By 2050 – restoration measures on 70% of these peatlands, of which at least half must be rewetted

Meanwhile Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) president Vincent Roddy said that it is vital to fully assess the overall impact of the proposals. 

LSL News.